Soya Coffee Treats Diabetes

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu

(Written in Buea, Cameroon and published in the Post Newspaper)

I tell you this: it is real; let me only speak but in the Lord, who created you and me At certain times, let a command be given for the whole world to be silent for the Lord to speak.

I saw the whole nation of Israel kept two minutes silence to mark the memorial service of millions of Jews who perished during the Nazi wars, in the World War 11. For this, they suffered. Last May 3, I wished such a chance could be given to the whole world to keep quiet for us to hear the Lord God speak into the impulses of our souls.

Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to treat and cure if nature would be employed and allowed to perform its work. Diabetes is a degenerative disease in which regenerative, recuperative working forces and power can easily restore the victim’s ill-health back to normal. What diabetes fears is the idea to accept and practice natural living. (I mean diabetes mellitus, as I did not use any qualification).

When I talk like this, many who know naught what nature can do, think it is just a mere joke. So while some are taking keen interest and notes here, some too are just playing and joking with nature. You may be expecting some extraordinary, supernatural miraculous powers to relieve you from this crisis, and perhaps some special, super expensive medicines, from the most specialist doctors; but I must be frank with you, this article brings to you all that you need to survive.

You might be wandering and meandering around, yet you will come back to follow this plan before you have an absolute cure and total relief and peace. This is the pioneer medical work and principle, aside of this there is none again.

The high rate of diabetes on African continent is something that is very scary. Recent reports and statistics estimate more millions of diabetes cases to be recorded in the next ten years. Some live as diabetics but they have not noticed it. We need mercy! The so-called modernization and civilization will send many to diabetes doctors and drugs, unless we change our course to follow God’s plan for health. But shall God sit down for His children to live as “sugar creatures”?

Most Africans do not like “stories”, they only need medicines and drugs, but today, many are crying for “stories” because drugs have failed. If you are still among those who are searching for only drugs, then you are late.

For many are now on diet, exercise, rest and others to gain health. Many patients when they consult, they only need medicines, but they will not pray to God to reveal their wrong habits that bring diseases. Oh! People of drugs! For me you will get my “drug”, but until you have my “stories” – that is how I write, teach and practice, and they are prerequisite basis of health.

Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes

There are two main causes of diabetes: “damage to the pancreas” or a “nutritional problem”. Islet of langerhans found in the pancreas produce natural insulin. Any damages to these delicate organs could lead to diabetes, due to the fact that the body cannot naturally produce the required insulin to utilize blood sugar (glucose) in the cells of the body. When it happens like this, diabetes occur, and if you are not merited to secure a proper, sustainable treatment, you will drink modern diabetes palliative drugs.

Yet, God so good, there are a great number of herbs that can easily repair these impaired pancreas and the inner organs, to avoid diabetes. Examples of these herbs are dandelion, bitter aloes, common corn silk and brown, dried leaves of pawpaw.

The other and the most common cause of diabetes, is poor unbalanced diets. Too much eating of starchy foods such as: white rice with little stew; white bread with tea, sugar, butter and milk; polished and refined foods, especially sifting corn flour before cooking; peeled yams and overeating of cassava foods, are the most common causes of diabetes.

White sugar and its products such as chocolate, sweet cakes, sweet mineral, drinks and all artificial sweet foods cause diabetes, when frequently used. In every community where people welcome friends with artificial sweet drinks and eat with such sugary drinks; have numerous cases of diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and protruded tummies. The worse examples are cola drinks, due to their caffeine content.

Too much eating of meat, fats, eggs, milk, butter, cheese and all flesh products, that raise blood cholesterol level, can also lead to diabetes. Recent research indicates that cholesterol has also become another great cause of diabetes, for the fact that it inhibits the utilization of blood sugars in cells, thereby leaving them saturated in the blood stream – hence the development of diabetes.

The most common symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination. Other symptoms are loss of weight, loss of appetite, paleness and loss of body completion at times. General weakness, dizziness, night sweats, body itches, irritability (easily getting annoyed), restlessness, dry tongue with constant thirst and frequent drinking and much morose, are other symptoms. However, not all diabetics have all these aforementioned symptoms. When it stays for long, it produces some complications such as sexual weakness (common in men), sterility, unhealed wounds and others. Especially when one uses modern, orthodox drugs to control the disease.

Proper Diet Plan for Diabetes

Proper diet plan alone can solve the problem. Diet consisting of abundance of fresh ripped fruits, vegetables, cereals or grains, legumes and seeds; prepared in a simple manner as possible can easily stop the disease. The diet should be simple but appetizing, with less oil and salt, but delicious, palatable and nutritious. You can prepare food like this, if you call God to assist you.

Some advise that, fruits are not good for diabetes. This is false! Fruits remain the best food items on the earth. However, there is the need for the victim to adjust fruits diet properly, in order to enjoy them. If a diabetic eats a fruit diet of banana, pears, mangoes, apples, guavas, pineapples, and even oranges for about two weeks, everybody will see changes in the patient body and countenance. Give a try and see.

Since most fruits are watery and diuretics, as a diabetics whose disturbing symptom is frequent urination, fruit diet will not be easy to adapt, yet if you can wisely use them, your body will cope with, and eventually be blessed with them. But the idea that fruits contain sugar and they are not good for diabetes is a false science that has no basis.

Fruit sugar (fructose) is good for everybody. By far, fruits diet is the most nutritious among all foods that God created. So it is typically a curse to see one totally deprived of fruits. The same way honey should not be abandoned if wisely used, it is more beneficial. Beekeepers in Asia used honey to treat Diabetes in olden years, unless the honey is not natural. Do not use adulterated honey, but shun white sugar and all its products completely. It is possible!

Green plantain, when cooked with the back (peel) without salt, and eaten with plenty of vegetable stew is the best food for diabetics. Some naturopaths use the water left after cooking as the best thing that diabetic can drink between meals. The old Africans cook plantain, yams, potatoes, and all various tubers with the back (peel). They only peel off, when ready to eat. By so doing some nutrients, that are packed in the peel enter the endosperm (the starchy part) to enrich them. Not only diabetic patients should take this lesson, it is good for all of us. Polishing of foods has been the greatest cause of diabetes in our dispensation.


Plantain and Yam

Many die from insulin coma, hyperinsulinism, hypoglycaemic shock  suddenly as the result of poor diet advices and counselling. It is too true that high starchy foods cause the disease, yet a diabetic as any other normal person needs carbohydrate (starch) more in the daily requirements, to get enough (about 75%) of the body’s constituents of nutrients. So, diabetes does not mean that you should not eat wholesome starchy foods.


Roasted Cocoyam

You can eat rice, corn, millet and other grains but make sure they are not polished or refined grains. If bread is used, brown (whole wheat) bread is the best. Eat brown or local rice but with plenty of vegetables or legumes. Do not sift corn or remove its valuables before preparing your corn fufu (as many Africans do); no, prepare it wholly and eat with plenty of vegetables.Yam, potatoes, cocoyam and all eatable tubers can be eaten, but if you would prepare them naturally as I have directed earlier and eaten with much vegetable,s they will be blessings. Do not peel yam or potatoes before cooking; wash thoroughly and boil. Peel carefully only the hard rind at back and eat the rest of the food. The last layer after the hard rind contains all the nutrients – but if you peel off all these valuables are lost, and you eat only starch.

Many when they hear that over-cooking is not good, they do not analyse very well to know foods that do not need much cooking and those that need thorough cooking. Do not go and cook rice for about five minutes and begin eating because I have advised against over cooking of vegetables. I mentioned vegetables, but not grains or tubers.

Grains like rice, millet, corn, wheat and beans lose their grape sugar when they are dried, so long cooking brings their grape sugar back. Tubers like cassava, yams, cocoyam and potatoes should be well-cooked.

Peanuts or groundnuts should be completely avoided by diabetics. Even at all nuts are to be used, Brazil, cashew, almond, hazel and walnuts are preferable – but in good proportion. Tiger nuts, eaten so frequently could be harmful.



Some foods to watch are cucumber, watermelon (especially eaten with seeds: thorough chewing). Chayote too is a wonderful protein food for diabetes, but beetroots will energize the weak blood cells.

Soya Bean Coffee

If a diabetic patient uses soya bean coffee for about two weeks without observing progress in health, it means it was not done with faith. Many, who read my books on natural health have benefited after knowing these truths.

Soya coffee reduces excess sugar in the blood, purifies and tones it and eradicates many diseases. It has some aphrodisiac properties that definitely give strength to male diabetics who are sexually weak. It is not only diabetes, but soya coffee can be used for treating many other ailments with other herbs.

Just as you toast groundnuts or corn on fire, so you must get enough soya beans, sort out stones and gravels neatly, and toast till it becomes very brown (but do not burn it).crack to compare the inside colour with ordinary coffee. Let it be brown, but not burnt. Grind or mill it by the help of a blender or milling machine. A peasant local person can easily pound in a mortar with a pestle. (Not too fine but a bit coarsely like ordinary coffee).


Soya Beans

Use one teaspoonful of the coffee in a glass of boiling water, just as you prepare ordinary coffee. You can add little pure honey, say one teaspoon, for sweetening (or drink without honey). Soya coffee contains no caffeine and can be used as substitute for ordinary tea or coffee to avoid the stimulant, caffeine. Make use of nature and simple things, they are your only hope!


Soya Coffee

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