Nutritional Value of Garlic

Dr Atta K. Bonsu

Selenium, a trace mineral found in garlic, has made it a great anticoagulant, that prevents the body from lumps, masses, tumours, abscesses, fibroids, benign and malignant growths; skin rashes, boils and cancerous cells. That is, garlic is capable of melting the blood, and prevents blood from coagulating, if it is properly and simply prepared and used.

That alliin in garlic has made it a real deal. Some do not want to hear the name at all because of the offensive odour it gives. But such make mistakes. Is it alliin that makes this offensive odour? Alliin by itself will not smell, but the enzymes allinase found in it. When mashed, it will stimulate and liberate; transforms first into allicin, which is that active principle that gives the offensive garlic smell.

Nonetheless, look at what The Creator would do; a great medicinal force and power are embedded in this offensive part of garlic, when you reject or disperse it, you lose vital immune defences. But if you eat it, you gain back your health by improving the body’s immunity. Some want to eat and enjoy garlic, but they still want to remove the allicin that gives that offensive odour. By so doing, the potency is reduced, unless one can do so at the same time maintaining the vitalities – which is impossible.

You need to watch little, little things in life. They can destroy you at the same time, build and restore your life. There are some medicinal powers that the Creator did not put them in big food items such as corn, rice, plantain or yams, but He placed them in garlic, lemon, orange, grapes and others. When you neglect them you reject good and sound health.

Obviously, one can eat several bags of rice or gari without receiving any minute quantity of selenium, unless he eats garlic, because the Creator did not put it in those big food items.

Properties of Garlic

I love mentioning selenium first, whenever I am talking about properties that garlic possesses. Why? Selenium is a trace mineral that is not easily received from many food items, but it does wonders. It can prevent one from rashes, boils, lumps, tumours, fibroids and cancer cells: because of its anticoagulant properties?

It is said to be a trace mineral, for the fact that unlike minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, selenium cannot be got in big quantities.

Sulphur, in garlic makes your hair and skin shine and bright; but calcium and potassium found in it, make your bones, tendons, nerves and teeth strong, to prevent diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis; nervous disorders and tooth decay.

As I have earlier mentioned, certain amino acids derivative, alliin in garlic, by the help of allinase is converted into allicin that gives that offensive odour. Allicin has great antibiotic and antiseptic effects; which makes people who eat garlic to be less prone to venereal diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, staphylococcus aurens infections, chlamydia, candidiasis and leucorrhoea (whites), and even the most dreadful HIV/AIDS.



According to sources garlic has a high effect on the immune system, and could easily prevent the immune diseases. All these announcements are going on but some take it light – for they believe in sophisticated world and its fascinated technology. There are more vitamins that are found in garlic – vitamins A, B1, B2, C and other B-groups are found abundantly in garlic – it is life.

Diseases Treated With Garlic

That my small book “Power of Garlic” is doing wonders in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and other places that it has reached. Various reports from readers and enthusiastic correspondents show that the Lord’s seal and stamp are on the messages that it carries, and they are doing wonders and marvellous work. This means, our God has the ultimate power to heal many from diseases, sorrow and suffering through simple, simple things.

If your eyes are paining, itching and dimming, you cannot see properly, it means you are not feeding properly. These are signs that your eyes are staving; you eat food but the eyes do not get their share; they are dying of hunger. You need not chase for drugs or see any eyes specialists, look for garlic, carrots, oranges, banana and soya beans, your dimmed eyes will see clearly – the pains and itches will cease. (Do not joke with carrots and garlic if you want to maintain your eyesight).

For arthritis, rheumatism and tooth decay, start eating garlic, and add honey to lemon juice mixed with water and drink as your wine, it will stop the diseases. If your hair  are falling and breaking, eat more garlic, they will be strengthened; and can stop and reverse balding. The same mineral has made it a useful element for the skin, by smoothening it. You eat some to strengthen the blood and put some garlic oil in cream for use as your lotion. Some just put some peeled cloves without mashing in their creams, and it works.

In hypotension (low blood pressure) and the opposite hypertension (high blood pressure), garlic is your greatest choice; consume it freely. Garlic produces a decrease in blood pressure, both maximum and minimum. It has vasodilating effects on the blood stream. That is to say, garlic, when eaten will expand or dilate the blood vessels to clear the arteries from high accumulation of cholesterol, and helps in easy flow of blood, without any difficulties.

Not only pressure of the blood, but all the cardiovascular diseases, such as arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), stroke, heart attacks and heart palpitations and serious heart beats.

Somebody took my book and read about diabetes. According to his own testimony, he used dandelion root tea with little pure honey and lemon juice, as his daily tea, after he had drunk one teaspoon of charcoal mixed with ½ glass of water, as the instruction goes. Then he oriented his mind in eating seriously of garlic, in foods, salads and every vegetable stew or soups he ate. Within a very short time, the diabetes was over – he no longer takes those palliative drugs.

All these testimonies sometimes I cannot conceal my love for writing them to you, not boasting or giving records of myself, but just for you to know what simple, simple things around us can do, and to the glory of the Maker. Many a time, we hear that “diabetes has no medicine” who told you? It is only the belief of orthodox practitioners. No old natural practitioner ever wrote or made such a statement. If God comes in, there is a cure, not for only diabetes but for many diseases denounced incurable.

There are many who no longer live on artificially prepared insulin tablets and injections; they have switched to natural, simple items, and they are seeing great changes. Oftentimes, such changes cannot be determined by lab results, but through physical strength and general body countenance. Many take these palliative drugs for only laboratory tests to prove them better when they are internally sick and suffering. So a wise patient will not only use machine test to determined progress in health, but precisely the internal strength and physical health.

In dogbite and snakebite or any venomous poisons and serious viral or fungal infection; skin diseases and rashes, are all treated with garlic. Especially, when eaten raw into the blood stream.

One of the great enemies of cancer is garlic. The selenium will not only prevent cancer but serious lumps that grow in ladies breast and tumours, fibroids, benign and malignant growths.

Fibroid has become a “queen” in Africa nowadays. The rate at which the growth is increasing in Africa makes one scared, and only God knows the cause of all these. Some ladies are eating, drinking and enjoying life but they are unknowingly nursing fibroids. Until they are married or a serious gynaecological problem arises, before ultrasound will expose that she is nursing a “fake baby” (fibroid).
Many African ladies consume lavishly of high fatty foods like red meats, fats, pork, fresh fishes and all devastated meats; yet they do not advance their minds to take cleansing items such as garlic, lemon, honey, fruits and cleansing herbs, so that when these growths begin to grow there is no power in the immune system to reverse them.

Garlic and HIV/AIDS

Reports reaching us indicate that, some HIV/AIDS patients were gathered and placed on strict vegetarian diet; including fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes and high quantity of raw garlic without meat. About some few weeks’ time, most of them were tested negative, and their countenances and the life in them had greatly improved.

Recently, some victims from Cameroon here who keenly followed all the four articles I presented on HIV/AIDS in THE POST Newspaper have shown tremendous responses to the advices.

Best Way Of Using Garlic

The selection of foods, their combination and preparation is one of the special gifts that every person should acquire. Many use garlic and the rest of vegetables, but they do not receive the nutrients and the blessings because of over washing and overcooking that often kill most of the life-nutrients in food.

Hard cereals or grains like corn, rice, wheat, millet, sorghum and beans and peas need thorough cooking on fire, to regain their grape sugar (lost through drying). Tubers like yam, cassava, potatoes, cocoyam and others are also to be cooked well on fire. But vegetables such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and all leafy vegetables can be eaten raw in salads or half cooked. Half and half cooked vegetables are recommended.

Garlic should not be chewed raw in the mouth, especially for beginners, it can cause some throat irritations, because of its pungent power. If you want to chew, you need to lubricate the throat with either honey or olive oil. Do not overeat it, over-eating of garlic can cause anemia and some complications, as common sense will easily tell. But it is increased as the individual continues eating. One can eat it raw after the throat has coped with it.

The best way is to add it to stew or soup, but do not overcook it. Even the vapour alone after removing from the fire can make it tender for eating. That is, adding it after the stew or soup is done is the best. Raw in salads along with other vegetables too is very nutritious and less irritative. With raw tomatoes and pasley help in reducing the offensive odour. After eating garlic, putting a slice of tomato in your mouth like toffee, reduces the offensive odour. Eat garlic it is life!

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