The old Akan Community in Ghana called it “NYAMEDUA” (Nyame – God, and Dua – Tree).“God’s Tree” for the reason that it was prescribed for almost every disease and it worked. Though, diseases were not common as we have these days, this herb could be described as another CURE ALL herb. We have suggested it and combined with other herbs for many diseased conditions, and have successfully treated them without fail.

It is recommended for all these diseases. Stomach problems and piles (with maho), infertility and gynecological problems (especially when taking as enema). Infectious diseases; syphilis, gonorrhoea, staphylococcus,chlamydia, candidiasis, whites and even HIV/AIDS. It also treats malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis and jaundice. Serious skin diseases and lung problems (with maho). Very useful in cancer and shrinking fibroid and cyst cases (when taking as enema with ginger). This herb is very bitter but it does wonders. The bitter taste of herb is important in healing,do not ignore it.