Moringa Oleifera Tea

Moringa TeaI wish many would start planting Moringa trees at their backyard to save not only the lives of human beings but domestic animals as well as every living creature.

Malaria and Typhoid are considered to be the most killer diseases of Africans in this dispensation. To dicate mosquitoes and establishing a clean, serene enabling environment in Africa  seems to be a great task, yet the only solution. Even though it is possible to be achieved, it would take some years. So, as you take Morinaga tea daily with perhaps some lemon juice and honey, you prevent these deadly diseases from attacking you. The best remedy for the dreadful Hepatitis B.

Since Indians’ ancient tradition of Ayurveda says plainly that the leaves of Moringa could prevent and cure about 300 diseases, many see it as a fulfilled prophecy, the leaves as tea – taken every day prevents one from malignant diseases like cancer, tuberculosis, hypertension, stroke, diabetes; and malignant growths like fibroid, lumps, cysts and  hard messes.  It is useful in treating infectious diseases like ladies whites and candidiasis; coliform, staphylococcus, gonorrhoea and dreadful ones like syphilis and HIV/AIDS. It is an excellent medicine for rheumatism and arthritis,asthma, skin diseases, epilepsy; sterility cases in weak men and fragile women.

Moringa can be taken in tea form or by adding the powder to stew, soup and porridges. In tea form, the granulated type is preferred; infuse 2 teaspoons in a glass/cup of boiling water for about 3 minutes, strain and add honey and drink. The powder too can be used as tea and drunk wholly if preferred. But you have good protein and other valuable nutrients, when you add Moringa Powder to your stew or soup.