Carica Brown


This plant’s leaves have been used by the old African ancestors for treating many diseases. In severe hunger, taking the cool tea with honey gives strength. Due to its memory tonic property, it is good for brain workers. The same manner, as a sedative, it helps in sleeplessness(insomnia). Because of its high emmenogogue property, it cures menstrual pains(dysmenorrhoea) and absence of menses(amenorrhoea), and pre-menstrual syndrome (P.M.S), whites(leucorrhoea) and many gynecological problems, including fertility cases, though it will not be good for early pregnancy(due to its high emmenagogue property). It is tonic for the eyes.

Its aphrodisiac property helps weak men and impotence and fragile women. It is an antidiabetic,thus good for diabetes, and helps in cancer, heart attacks and anxiety disorders. It is one of the best remedies for fighting constipation (smooth bowel evacuation). Helps in shrinking fibroids, cysts and lumps. In sickle cell anaemia, a combined tea of the Brown and Green changes the condition after a couple of weeks’ use. It helps in Anaemia, dizziness and hypotension.