7 Doctors(“Dudo”)


7 Doctors! Though it has been prescribed for treating many ailment (see label), yet we see it as more as preventive medicine. You simple boil this in clay pot and take just as our ancestral generation of old took, to prevent any diseases of this generation. Use it for the entire family – husband, wife, children, maid and male servants and a stranger coming to your house. It looks local and permitive; it is natural, and it works.

For treatment see label:

Divide in 2 parts: Boil a part with plenty of water (1-2 litres) (slow boiling) for about 20 minutes. Drink a glass 2 or 3 times daily before meals, Honey and lemon juice can be added. Add more water and boil till you observe the colour and taste changing, then you  change for the other part.