About Us

Atbo Radiant Health Centre (ARHC) was established by Dr. Atta Kwaku Osei BONSU, a renowned Ghanaian Naturopath. He is the Executive Director of the Institution. ARHC also works in collaboration with Ghana Naturopathic Physicians Organization (GNPO), which also has Dr Atta Kwaku Bonsu as the current President ( and a founding member).

Started as a Medical Missionary at a tender age and gained much deeper scientific knowledge in Naturopathy, by learning, lecturing and practiced (mostly abroad), he now returns to Ghana to establish this centre in Accra, where he can reach many Ghanaians and other African counties as well as the entire Globe.

The main objective of establishing this centre is to bring Africans’ mind back to their ancestral medicines, which has been waiting for several hundreds of years.


Dr. Atta Kwaku Osei BONSU, the renowned Ghanaian Naturopath

Dr Atta Bonsu has authored several books based on Natural Living and Natural Medicine. The most popular of his books include The “Eight Laws of Health”,”Power of Garlic”, “Secrets About Health” and Healinf With Simple Plants” which are also translated to French, which is largely spoken on the continent.

His books, (see Health Books) bring the readers mind to the Creator and the Laws that He instituted to govern a natural man’s body, mind and soul. As a missionary, he directs people’s and the sick’s mind to the Saviour, who is the sole healer of diseases.

The books elaborate on how sickness is brought about by violation of the body’s natural laws and consequently, a sound, absolute health can be attained by obeying natural laws—by strict observance of drinking and eating laws, exercising and rest.

The writings encourage the use of medicinal herbs, especially African, traditional, tropical plants than using harmful, western orthodox medicines. Dr Atta Bonsu believes that Africans can be treated well and live healthy if we go back to eat our own foods and use our own medicines. And strongly believes that most of the deaths on the continent are caused by free and lavish consumption of modern, chemical medicines.

The centre treats various diseases… but with herbs. We believe that all diseases can be treated and cured if nature is allowed to perform its work, with also the mind directed to the Greatest Physician, Christ the Saviour.



Atbo Radiant Health Centre (ARHC)

We play our part by physical analysis and thorough examination to ascertain causes of individual’s ailments before administering medicines. We believe there is a single way of curing diseases—cleansing of the blood.

Most of the herbs and food items you find on our shelves are African oriented herbs and foods. Most of these medicines are in the form of granules, powder and dry chopped roots and backs, which are mostly prepared by decoction and infusion and drunk as teas. And it is our strongest believe that natural medicines prepared in the simplest, austered forms like these are the best and effective way of treating and healing diseases.

We have but a few medicines in the form of tablets, capsules, pills and tinctures. Our observation is that, nature treats more effectively if it is done in their most natural manners as possible. See products.

Joyceline Dolla
(Administrative Secretary)