Diet and Moral Power

Dr Atta K. Bonsu

You have lived a liberal contented life; you share aspirations with people and love your neighbour as yourself: you can live a self-denial life and gain much self control; you may live a life full of sobriety and circumspection, no jealousy, no envies, hatred, greed and any sign of anger; all your life demonstrates true unselfishness: you gain more moral power; no time for cheating, stealing and robbery; no room for uncleanliness, sensuality and mental depreciation: life full of courtesy and kindness, polite, noble, humble and gentle: which elevates the intellects and places the individual at a high accepted standard to be used by the Supreme Beings: but all these endowments are not only inherited—they are mostly achieved by the diet we eat.

You cannot be gentle, you can never be kind and demonstrate any love to your fellow men and God, unless you start learning how to select, combine and prepare good food. You are disorganized, because you do not programme and organize your food properly. You can only be good, perhaps you were imbued, or by a special gift of the grace; but if proper food plan was included, you would have developed and advanced the more.

Strife, vice, enmity, conflicts, wars, stealing, robbery and all sorts of crime are common everywhere in human society, and wrong diets and foods are greatly responsible. Many eat wonderful foods and devastated creatures as meat, so enviness, jealousy and selfishness has controlled the minds of many – to an extent that many develop hypertension out of jealousy and enviness, due to poor feeding.

Imporished foods, combined with artificial sweets and high starches, block and clog the bowels, constipate the tummy and benumb the brain cells and nerves, to cause serious irritations: Getting easily annoyed because of the blocked tummy with the clogged mind.

The youths cannot control their perverse appetite and passions, due to lavish consumption of meat. It is not easy for any individual who loves eating much meat to control the sexual passion, it is difficult. There are certain propensities in animals that tend to animalize the body, stimulate the impulses, and arouse the sexual passions.

Alcoholic drinks and artificial sugary drinks and too much eating of meat always stimulate the nerves, excite the impulses and arouse the sexual passion and appetite. It is not easy to arrest or calm the sexual lust and desire. When you force to stop or refrain the person from sexual intercourse, it is just like placing a bone in front of a dog, and yet deprived of eating it.

Diet and Immune Power

The description given of the fall of man, as recorded in Genesis Chapter Three, tells us that from the start the perversion of man’s appetite was the most powerful weapon satan used against him. And more than 6,000 years nothing has changed in the nature of welfare. To use foods, converted to poison, to dull our brain and kill us is the object.

It is our food, our drinks, our chemical drugs with our artificial environments, they are the things that are weakening our immune power – and these same things can build it if nature could be allowed to work. So I would not be negligent to tell you all these, so that you can reprogramme your plans well. There is no life in condoms, drugs and vaccines, but only in principles of living – which is an individual personal work.

Many Africans are waiting for whites to come to Africa to solve HIV/AIDS pandemic, but God will never listen to such prayers. Why? We have scientists and medicines on African soil; we can make use of them. The work has already started. Today, many who are serious on this teaching are rebuilding and reviving their immune power with garlic, lemon, honey, corn silk, dandelion, aloe vera, nettles, gotu cola, ginseng and others: They are already doing wonders.

Proper Diet
Remember Your Grandmother’s Diet

This is one line of education that may need your interest and contemplation, and perhaps your investigation; that is the proper way to select foods, combine and prepare them.

Interestingly, knowledge like this, is not only acquired formally in institutions, but it is only grasped by a strong will power and determination and understanding, that only God gives. Comparatively, if we look at the tables of “high learners today and consider that of our ancestors without formal education, then we could see the difference.

Our foregone fathers, without our books and science ate and lived with their minds, and lived longer without diseases, but we living today boast of degrees, ranks and science, even as we do not know the proper food to place on the table for ourselves and our children. We need mercy and grace:

Considerably, many do not even know that “we are what we eat and drink”. People like this do not bother much to consider the biological values of what they take into the system. Whatever they lay their hands on, it enters the mouth and digests and diffuses into the blood. Nevertheless, if your food for today is banana, your blood is exactly banana; if you eat chocolate do not expect garlic in your blood, you have never eaten it. If the whole year you have never eaten plantain but gari, you are building on gari but never make mistakes to expect nutrients of plantain in your blood. It is simply like that – and understand it.

I have already told you that “the fight against HIV/AIDS is an individual work; a work that cannot be done by proxy” – one cannot do for the other. And the basic fact is on how to revive a strong immune defence to fight against the viruses that are already created by artificialism.

You have science and you know science; you have invented chemicals; you have adulterated all your foods and drinks; you have become an expect of self-destruction, you linger your hands on anything that destroys; your great-grandmother had no access to your science and technology, but she ate with her mind, lived a comfortable life, and died a natural timely death, at the time that she could climb cottage mountains. But look at you! Go back to her for wisdom you may live!!

My grandmother refused to eat or drink in fridge. She refused several times to take sugar and untoasted meats. She refused to eat after 6pm. She did not eat at the same time drinking plenty of water or sweet drinks. She did not attend our University of Legon, but who taught her these natural sciences? There were things accurately vouched for all mankind!

I have ever enjoyed eating “fufu corn” and “gyamangyama” whenever I am in Cameroon; but the type, which was prepared for me by a peasant, country aged-woman, during my visit to Mbingo-Ndu, in the North West Province cannot easily be wiped from my mind. The old-lady with the olden experience prepared something very simple, excellent but delicious and palatable. Indeed, it was the day I remembered the old paths that Africans have lost (Read Jeremiah 6:16).

The old lady ground the corn without sifting it; prepared with the peel, the ear and the germ, to maintain the roughage, bulk or fibre of the food. She allowed the fufu to done well, until there was a change of odour, as all hard grains foods require, on fire. The “gyamangyama” (as Cameroonians call huckle-berry leaves) were thoroughly washed but not pressed hard to infuse out the nutrients in the green chlorophyll of the leaves (as many Cameroonians wash leaves to throw off the essentials). The oil, the spice and salt were very moderate. Until now I cannot guess weather she even added salt; if there was, it was very sparing.

Sensing that I do not eat meat, she chopped carrots into cubes and rolled agushi into balls and steamed with the whole vegetables. It was like liver or meat. In fact the whole meal looked natural, but appetizing, delicious and nutritious. I wish you had such an experience.

A few years back, not even quiet long, about three decades ago, Africans were eating, drinking and dressing naturally and modestly. Crime and corruptions were very low. Young African men and women were staying maturely without any immoral, sensual lives; but today it is not the same – our diet and artificial drinks are greatly responsible.

There is no way we can stop HIV/AIDS without tackling our perverse eating habits, let alone to talk about corruption, our tables will tell you how disorganized and corrupted we are on our office files.

The father of modern medicine said something full of wisdom and understanding, “May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. (He lived between 606 and 460 BC: He was a naturalist: Hippocrates).

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