Tropical Dandelion


Dandelion is an appetizer, digestive and stomach invigorator, which make it a great medicine for treating piles,ulcer, colitis and other stomach troubles. Its choleretic and cholagogue properties make it a good medicine for the gall bladder – it increases bile production and removes stones from the gall bladder.

As a great diuretic and depurative, dandelion treats venereal problems so easily, especially with Corn Silk. Its work on the liver and kidneys and spleen is so exceptional. It dries the liver sponge and cleanses the kidney filter (as the French saying goes). And by far, no one will die of hepatitis, jaundice and cirrhosis of the liver if Dandelion tea is drunk regularly, especially when combined with Corn Silk,Moringa and Momordica.

Diabetic cases will drastically reduce if dandelion is drunk as tea by the entire community in the morning and evening. And by far, one cannot exclude dandelion when treating cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, stroke and stress. It is best used to cleanse the female genital organ to stop the growth of fibroids and helps in other gynaecological problems to promote pregnancy and maintain it.