Diseases and Cures

Fibroid Tumour

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu The name “afabo” (as the old Akan community called fibroid) was unpopular among the old African community. Though their population was less compared to our generation (which has been one of the popular excuses of our … Continue reading →

Blue Vervain “Cures” Asthma

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu If you continue reading this site, there are so many medicines and blessings that you may gather, and you will soon become a great “doctor” of your own, and many will come to your light. For … Continue reading →

Soya Coffee Treats Diabetes

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu I tell you this: it is real; let me only speak but in the Lord, who created you and me At certain times, let a command be given for the whole world to be silent for … Continue reading →

“Euphorbia Hirta” Treats Cancer

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu (Written in Buea, Cameroon and published in the POST newspaper) Your ears will be hearing many things, but sometimes there are some hearings that puzzle the impulses, calm the blood and benumb every activity of the … Continue reading →

“Momordica” Cures Gastritis and Ulcer

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu NOTE: This article was written in Cameroon and published in THE POST (Newspaper Cameroonian) Gastritis, the inflammation of the lining membrane of the stomach (gastric), is considered as the most common disease in Cameroon (where I … Continue reading →

Avocado Pear Leaves Treat Hypertension

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu Smallish in physical structure, not too attractive to be quickly influenced by men, but quiet comely and modest. He was well cultured; polite, courteous and gentle; very disciplined and self centred. Well educated, but very simple … Continue reading →

Mistletoe Treats Cardiovascular Diseases

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu Mistletoe treats cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, stroke and heart disease? It is fantastic! That means, if you have hypertension you just look for mistletoe tea to use, before it may develop to stroke and heart attacks … Continue reading →