Dr Atta K. Bonsu It is my prayer that every individual must have charcoal at home. Do not be lazy; take some time to prepare charcoal and use. If you cannot prepare, then you can send your mail for our … Continue reading →

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Dr Atta K. Bonsu Go and ask elephant “why he is a vegetarian? He will tell you so many secrets that you have never dreamt of knowing. But for Mr. Horse, the answer will be so fascinating, climb at my … Continue reading →

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Alcoholic Natural Medicines

Dr Atta K. Bonsu Every medicine, be it herbal or synthetic or otherwise, are all products from nature. All modern, synthetic drugs common in drug stores and pharmaceutical shops are extracts from natural elements. In the same manner traditional, herbal … Continue reading →

Nutritional Value of Garlic

Dr Atta K. Bonsu Selenium, a trace mineral found in garlic, has made it a great anticoagulant, that prevents the body from lumps, masses, tumours, abscesses, fibroids, benign and malignant growths; skin rashes, boils and cancerous cells. That is, garlic … Continue reading →

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Diet and Moral Power

Dr Atta K. Bonsu You have lived a liberal contented life; you share aspirations with people and love your neighbour as yourself: You can live a self-denial life and gain much self control; you may live a life full of … Continue reading →

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