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Dr Atta K. Bonsu

It is my prayer that every individual must have charcoal at home. Do not be lazy; take some time to prepare charcoal and use. If you cannot prepare, then you can send an order for our clinical activated charcoal. (Some of our preparations can be easily posted to you, like clay, charcoal, and other herbs).

There are so many secrets about charcoal that I cannot be negligent to announce to the world; there is no way I can conceal these facts. If I had refused to do this, then millions will die but the Lord has something to ask me, because I know much about these things. Now that diseases are “floating” everywhere, you need charcoal with you always. Everywhere you go take along some charcoal to handle emergency cases.

Charcoal was used as medicine before even the father of medicine Hippocrates was born and crowned as the first doctor. (He lived between 460 to 370 BC). Before Europeans could sail to settle in the New World (America), the Red Indians were using charcoal. Even presently, it is an indigenous medicine in United States, (not only the Red Indians). Charcoal tablets are common in American hospitals and clinics.

A few years back, 37 Military Hospital in Accra- Ghana was using charcoal tablets seriously; and of course, charcoal will save many lives in our health institutions if we revisit its use, than destroying patients livers and kidneys with chemicalized pain-killers. Before the white men reached Africa with their unnatural drugs, Ashantis, Igbos, Yorubas, Zulus and Wollofs already knew charcoal therapy. What then should I say before you start preparing your own charcoal? And above all, scientifically, what have I seen in charcoal that I am “forcing” you to use it?

Properties of Charcoal

Like a serpent was raised in the wilderness when the children of God were dying, those who heeded the advice that God gave through Moses lived without seeing death. So, today, millions of people are dying at their homes, in hospitals and everywhere, but God whose mercy remains firm, and His compassion reigns forever, still directs His loved-ones minds to that same “serpent” in the form of charcoal, lemon, garlic and herbs; those who will regard these things will surely live.

In chemistry, charcoal is simply carbon, or more properly as ultra-carbon. But almost every substance contains carbon. When the starches, protein, fats, resins and many enzymes and chemicals are burned out of wood, it leaves it as carbon. After all these substances and impurities are removed, it becomes carbon—pure vegetable matter. When examined under the microscope, it is seen to be extremely porous, with an appearance of a sponge, which has a cohesive force to absorb substance to make it rigid.

A micrograph of charcoal could give a clear indication to this. Carbon micrograph showing some holes that attract poison and toxins. Certain electrostatic properties may develop in activated charcoal during its preparation, which favour the binding and absorption of poisons.

Charcoal can absorb up to about 300-350 times its own weight of substances, it is absorptive in its action, rather than being like a sponge; which means, it works more or less like a magnet, attracting various substances and objects to it; and holding them tightly on its surface (adsorption). The mechanism and how this wonderful absorption is done and accomplished no one knows for sure—all we know is that the absorptive power of charcoal is capable of drawing and binding all toxins and poisons in the human body. That is the reason why when one is sick and dying, immediately the fellow starts taking charcoal, then life, starts reviving.

Reaction of Charcoal on the Skin, Stomach and the Blood (Micro Dialysis)

Micro dialysis of the body, the stomach and the blood by charcoal either drunk or poulticed could give a clear indication of how powerful charcoal reacts on toxins, poisons and foreign substances in the body. Since charcoal can effectively take up a wide variety of poisons and toxins when mixed together, we would understand and expect it would work very effectively in the stomach and the blood stream to take up poisons and toxins that make man sick when accumulated in the body.

When charcoal is drunk into the stomach, its porous, spongy structure will start absorbing, and even in the intestinal wall it will diffuse into the blood capillaries and get rid of toxins and poisons occupied in the blood stream.

Some may think, it is less evident, however, that charcoal could remove or extract toxins and poisons, especially drug toxins from the blood after it had taken much poisons in the gastrointestinal tract. But some experiments have shown that, activated charcoal, not only takes toxins and poisons in the stomach and the intestines, but can even attract and absorb poisons from the blood back into the gastrointestinal tract where charcoal takes them up and destroy them. This process of the wonder-work of charcoal is known in natural science as gastrointestinal dialysis. All these prove how great charcoal can be in cleansing of human body!

On the surface of the skin, after a poultice (charcoal made in the form of paste) is applied on the skin, it enters the tiny, tiny pores on the skin and get direct contact with the blood stream in the form of capillaries, these capillaries will carry charcoal with its absorptive elements to bind all poisons around the area and inactivates them. That is the reason why when one is suffering from pains, swellings, boils, carbuncles and all skin eruptions, immediately the person applies charcoal poultice, they disappear.

Dosage and How to Administer Charcoal

How to administer and the required dosages of charcoal is very important if the victim wants to observe a good response. Charcoal is not food but an absorptive medicine. It is a natural medicine—it has no side effects. However, it could be harmful if one does not apply or take it properly. Although we have not seen any problem with long-term use, as with all treatment, yet we recommend that they be taken only as needed in every condition, especially in acute cases.

It is not proper to take charcoal for a long time without giving a break; it is not food but medicine. Since it is an absorptive substance, it has ability to absorb some life-nutrients along with toxins and poisons from the body. That is to say, while charcoal is absorbing and throwing away “waste”, some valuable nutrients can also be extracted and be thrown away together with the waste. These are some of the reasons why it is not advisable to take charcoal internally for a long period without a break.

But if there is a persisted, serious long-term problem, one can take it continuously for some time to observe changes before skipping. Some critical conditions will require daily in-take of charcoal, there are certain cases, charcoal cannot be left out, some must die to save others. Even though it will absorb toxins together with some valuable nutrients, yet some must die in order to save many.

Occasionally, someone may feel like taking charcoal to cleanse the body. I often do this especially when I travel to unhygienic environments. You can chose one week in a month and drink charcoal, several doses with water into an empty stomach, and drink lots of water to absorb and wash and throw all “waste” from the body. After this is done the individual feels clean and healthy. This occasional “washing” of the body by charcoal is often considered as prophylaxis or problem-preventer.

Materials for Making Charcoal

I have advised in this way that, it is not good and safe to pick charcoal anyhow and use as medicine. Even though most charcoal we see can be used, it is always better and safer to know the type of wood or material you are using. And remember, there are few plants that are poisonous too.

In my country, Ghana, charcoal is one of the commonest items that one can easily get. It is the cheapest among almost all commodities. You will see a big truck loading charcoal in bags, it costs nothing—even one bucket of corn will cost more than a bag of charcoal. But activated charcoal in the health shops and clinics are somehow expensive because they are specially made and prepared medicines. Our clinical charcoal in box will cost more than half bag of cooking-charcoal. That means charcoal in our clinics are more valuable than any charcoal you can have ordinarily.

A great number of items can be used in making charcoal. Wood from various trees is the most common material for making charcoal. Some use bones, but I may prefer plant-wood charcoal to bones of animals. Most simple items like corncobs, coconut shells, and palm sachets are also used for making charcoal. Best woods may include bonnet, eucalyptus, oak, “wawa”, “Odum”, mahogany, sapele, acacia, and many others. It is not the matter of getting all these items and combining them to make charcoal: No, only one can be chosen to make charcoal.

But some plants or items can wonderfully work on specific treatments. For instance, traditionally, it was known among old Akan fathers that corn-cob-charcoal with cold water drunk at once will calm a troubled heart. All charcoal can do this, but it looks as if the old people tried the corncobs and it was excellent for them. Coconut shells too work wonderfully, but the best wood I have always preferred and loved to use is eucalyptus and common mango. On special preparations to treat serious cases, collective of different woods, combined could make a trick. Our activated, clinical charcoals are mostly from combined woods (You can order for it by filling out contact form).

Burning of charcoal

Locally one can prepare a small quantity of charcoal so easily for home use. You need only small for your family, so you can do this by simply burning the wood and quenching the fire with water to get the charcoal. Do not allow it to burn into ash. You can dry before grinding into powder. You may need a knife to scrape the charcoal on woods that are not well burnt.

For commercial purposes, the ultimate in making your charcoal is very simple. You can burn the wood out door; when the wood is burning brightly, it should be covered with a large piece of tin with dirt or clay piles over the outside of the tin to retain air. This burns at the same time quenching the fire without turning into ashes. The soft parts of wood are burned out first and the hard parts remain—making a good grade of charcoal.

How to Use Charcoal

For Drink: Mix about one teaspoon of charcoal powder with ½ glasses of water and drink. The dose will also depend on what you are treating; for example, one heaped teaspoon of charcoal with little water say 1/3 glass stops diarrhoea, dy.

For Poultice: Mix pulverized or powdered charcoal with lime or lemon juice or ordinary water to make a paste or dough (poultice) and apply on swellings, pains, boils and others.

Slurry: In this way, charcoal powder is soaked in water for some days. Immediately you mix (soak) with water shake or stir it, then let it steep and allow all the charcoal to settle at base of the container leaving the water suspended on top. Collect the water on top without stirring or shaking the container, sift or filter it nicely with non-porous material and keep it for use.

It treats cancer, hypertension, heart problem, diabetes and others, but it is used with others herbs. It can also be used as drinking water for some time when treating various diseases. It is very good for ladies with whites (leucorrhoea).

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Dr Atta K. Bonsu

Go and ask elephant “why he is a vegetarian, he will tell you so many secrets that you have never dreamt of knowing. But for Mr. Horse, the answer will be so fascinating, climb at my back and let me ran with you. The big elephant can conquer almost everything in the forest but he lives on mushrooms and plants. The horse can perform hard and wonderful work while subsisting wholly on a vegetarian diet.

That old notion that meat is essential to strength and it is the best source of protein is becoming the thing of the past. Do not advise people, especially patients and pregnant women to eat more meat to acquire protein—this is erroneous and ruinous—you will rather kill them with such teachings. Tell them to emulate the dietary course of elephants, horses and others for strength and long life.

Vegetarianism refers to a dietary in which a person does not eat flesh of dead animals, like meat, fish or fowl. While fish or fowl is less harmful than meat, yet the one who calls himself a vegetarian stays away from all these.

Categorically, there are different types of vegetarians. The term ‘vegetarian’ can refer to alacto-ovo vegetarian, who is a person who does not eat the three types of flesh (meat, fish and fowls) but does eat plant foods, dairy products (milk, butter, cheese), and eggs. Even here one can still be referred to as a lacto vegetarian, when he eats plant food and only diary product without eating eggs. In the same manner one can be an ovo-vegetarian, when he also eats plant food and eggs without necessarily eating diary products.

A ‘vegetarian’ can also refer to a vegan that is a person who does not eat meat, fish, fowl diary products (milk, butter, cheese), or eggs, but does not eat only plant food (vegetables, fruits, cereals/grains and nuts). This is an advanced dietary programme that is a real vegetarian status, one who lives on only plant source food, without any elements of animal, flesh products.

Consciously, these strict vegetarians need to combine their foods properly in other to secure all the major elements and nutrients that the body organs need to survive. Especially, all the 23 amino-acids that comprise of complete protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. It is possible to live like this. After all, the early men lived several hundred years without eating flesh of dead animals. This patriarch, including Adam, Seth, Methuselah or Noah lived almost a thousand years subsisting on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains/cereals and nuts. And that was the Creator’s original plan. (Read Genesis 1:29)

Among these strict (vegan) vegetarians are yet more strict ones like fruitarians (Raw vegetarians). In this type of vegetarianism, they eat only raw (uncook) foods. They eat raw, fresh vegetables and fruits; grains in raw, tender state. They also love sprouting grains before eating them in salads and in other recipes. It is also possible for one to live like this, but it demands a lot of self denial, care and diligence.

People who live like this are very healthy, full of wisdom and strength. They eat less and acquire much nutrient and strength. This notwithstanding, we are advised to do less cooking and eat plenty of raw foods. About sixty percent of your food must be eaten raw. Too much cooking has been the cause of many invalids and untimely deaths. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Steps to a Sucessful “Vegetarian”

I once lived with a very good friend of mine, who ate everything that passes across his eyes. For him there was nothing like clean or unclean animal, he ate everything; including pork, dog meat and every flesh that are consumed by his contemporary generation.

Consequently, in his early 40s, he started developing high blood pressure due to much accumulation of cholesterol in the blood stream as a result of lavish consumption of meat. I had opportunity to advise him this time to desist from fresh meats, though I had earlier given several warnings. This time, for fear of death, he decided to heed my advices. He decided to make changes but step by step.

Interesting, he started it by desisting from all unclean meats that are pronounced unwholesome in the Bible. So he no longer ate pork and others, but clean fowls and meats.

In his second step, he decided to eat only roasted meats and fowls and fish. And that was a good—to eat meat without blood, fat and cholesterol (Leviticus 3:17). This Bible direction was good for him to avoid diseases from diseased animals. And blood cholesterol level too was reduced.

Thirdly, he made up his mind to abstain from all meats and fowls but this time fish was eaten alone. He told me and I encouraged him, so he became piscevorous (people who live only on fish and plants food). He lather on became a lacto-ovo vegetarian, and today he is a strict vegetarian (vegan), and he is one of the healthiest Africans Heaven can boast of. The hypertension disappeared and at 70 years he looks like 40 years old.

Vegetarians Avoid Deadly Diseases

On 2nd July, 2009, I took my “Daily Graphic” (Newspaper Ghanaian) and turned to page 2 and read a fascinated but worthy article on ‘Vegetarianism’. This prompted me to write this article. I wished every Ghanaian had the privilege I had to read how vegetarian oriented diets keep people from contracting cancer.

Research and studies have proven that ‘vegetarians) avoid most of the killer diseases that trouble people of this generation. Diseases such as cancer, hypertension, heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism, kidney and liver afflictions are rare in vegetarian communities. Even some common diseases like constipation and piles, ladies and fibroid, tuberculosis, typhoid and hepatitis are unpopular among vegetarians.

Complete diet plan on vegetarian (Coming soon)

Join vegetarian clubs (REGISTER) (Coming soon)

Vegetarian Restaurants in Ghana (Coming soon)

Organic Foods (foods grown without agro-chemical fertilizers) (Coming soon)

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Alcoholic Natural Medicines

Dr Atta K. Bonsu

Every medicine, be it herbal or synthetic or otherwise, are all products from nature. All modern, synthetic drugs common in drug stores and pharmaceutical shops are extracts from natural elements. In the same manner traditional, herbal medicines also come from nature.

Now, the only way that can separate medicines to either synthetic or natural may only be determined by the methods being used to prepare such products. As we talk about the dangers of drugs, it does not mean that every medicine in the drug store or pharmacy could be bad; in the same manners as we promote natural medicine, it does not also mean that every concoction a herbalist gives could be genuine – we need to analyze things properly.

Most of our pharmaceutical drugs are just nutrients from plants without high, hard chemicals added; some are just food supplements and even tonics. But the problem we face today is the influx of high chemical substances; fake, adulterated and substandard drugs also circulating alongside with genuine medicines or drugs. So you need much prayer and care if you are going to purchase drugs. Lest you use money to buy poisonous substances in the idea of buying drugs or medicines.

Indeed, this calls for wisdom and thorough-analysis to chose herbal line: which is safer than the orthodox drugs line. When I advise that we should use herbs, it does not mean that any concoction that a herbalist gives could be genuine. Remember money-minded and inexperienced, unqualified practitioners are all over.

Typical examples are those who use chemical preservatives in preserving herbal preparations. Some do not even mind to make decoction of herbs, bottle them and add chloroform as a preservative. Some of the concentrated so-called alcoholic bitters could be harmful at times. Especially, when these alcoholic bitters are continuously used for a considerable long period, the adverse effects are many times dreadful.

Old, strong tinctures and bitters like “Swedish bitters” was discovered and used for long. It has really helped many, bringing relief to serious diseased pains. But it was prescribed and used on acute cases for a short period of time; and enough dilution if it were taken for chronic, long standing cases. But today, the bitters is all over to an extent that one finds it difficult to lay hands on genuine ones – even though direction was given to make personal preparations.

That is the spirit of Africans; people will not discover, but immediately a product has gained popularly, and selling, then people produce adulterated ones. So Swedish bitters are all over, but it could be dangerous if not wisely used on patients, because they are mostly prepared with high alcoholic substances. Therefore, its internal use requires much discretion and care.

Safe Preparation of Herbs

We have studied that herbs have no side effects. It is not harmful to use anything that comes from nature directly. But, if it is wrongly used, then it may produce some wrong effects. Before man was created, herbs had been already created, and every organ in the human body has their respective herbs that treat them, in case there are some damages.

There are plants for the eyes, plants for the brain and its numerous nerves; others for the mouth, throat, nose and ears. Those for the heart, the arteries, the sexual organs (both male and female); plants for the locomotive system (movements), and many others that we cannot mention.

All these plants can be used either as vegetables in meals or used as medicines. That is to say, if man would select, combine and prepare these vegetables in simplest manner as possible and used, he may not easily get sick and die unnaturally. So, when you see somebody complaining of the eyes, without any congenial cause like accidents, it means his eyes starve nutrients (food) they require to live on.

The most important issue, which may need your interest, is when sickness finally comes; you need to exercise the brain ever than before, however, with unceasing prayers to know the cause, and the steps to take. When it becomes inevitably necessary for you to take in some herbs to regain what the body has lost, then you may need to advance the mind to use but only safe and effective herbal medicines, which are prepared in the natural and simplest manner as possible. But not moving haphazardly to use dangerous herbal concoctions, which you do not even know the source and components.

In a rational way, when sickness comes; you can even stay without bothering much about taking medicines (modern or herbal). You stay and eat properly; drink good water, do exercises and breathe in pure air and rest when needful. You realize that, the recuperative forces will extract the useful forces left in you, especially from the immune response, to fight the disease, without you taking a drug or medicine. That is how the Creator created all animals including man.

These recuperative forces in collaboration with the working of the immune system, are what most Africans lack, due to perverse eating, drinking and harmful living, which generally mar the physical and mental powers of man. And, honestly, this is the principal cause of Africans dying of weak immune diseases like HIV/AIDS – than any group of people. People do not eat properly with biology, we drink anything that comes across our eyes, including sugary and alcoholic drinks, and we are morally weak in indulging in illicit sexual games and all sensual, licentious practices, so, that when we are attacked by the disease, there is nothing to safe us.

As I have earlier advised, if these factors are not properly studied, envisaged into our individual’s health programmes, you can be tricked, sometimes, to use certain dangerous, harmful, natural medicines in the idea of taking natural, safe things from God. There are so many ways of practicing a healing act, but not all of the ways are safe, and thus sanctioned by the Creator to be used.

We are bound to pray for a “spirit of discernment and temperance”. You need to be ever temperate in all that you do, even than before, because we are in the most dangerous times. We are living now in a world full of tricks. Be careful of any advices that men give. This dispensation love money more than human beings, the neighbour. Many cheat and rob in the name of God and all that God has created.

In fact, I thank God that I am a Christian or a worshipper and servant of Him. Christianity and God’s religion have opened my eyes to an extent that, even though I am small and young, yet it is not easy to be tricked and fooled. Do not waste time on things that do not portray the beauty of God’s providences. Pray for that “spirit of discernment”, you may receive it.

Many have made religion a “curse” whereas God is calling for many. We all want to go to Heaven, no one wants to die in hell, but religion, especially Christianity has become a show, fashion and money display. Many peasant Africans do not want to hear the word “herbalist” or anything “herbal”, because most of the places of practice have become abysses of “spiritualism and spiritism”, where wonderful stories and lies are told and dangerous concoction are prepared and given.

So, what God has blessed and the true medical line of work has been profaned and blasphemed by these sorcerers. “But by their words and fruits you may know them”. You go to a pastor or a traditionalists then he tells you that “your mother is the cause of your problem”, excuse him; such places God is not there, he wants to rob you of your monies, he wants you to be cursed, after allowing you to start cursing your mother. You go to where you may be advised to drink daily your urine as medicine, excuse the person, it is not a rational remedy. You go to an herbalist, all his medicines are alcohol, alcohol; he wants to ruin your health, run away from him. I am teaching you wisdom, if you have ears: listen!

Methods Of Preparing Natural Medicines

In fact, the season you gather herbs has a great influence on the medicine. The drying, the packaging and storage, and the methods of preparation; all these can determine the potency and the efficacy of the medicines. The following are general directions and main ways to preparing herbs.

Infusion: By far, this is the best way of preparing herbs to obtain the fullness of their properties. Soaking the medicine in either cold or hot (boiling) water as tea to infuse or extract its potency. Most infused herbs are either powdered or in granule forms.

African Clay Pot

African Clay Pot

Decoction: This method was very common amongst our ancestors. Just pour water over herbs in pots (clay pot the best), and boil for some time depending on the nature of herb used. Leaves do not require long boiling (even not boiling but to simmer). But tree barks and roots chopped into cubes may be simmered (slow boiling) for long, depending on their respective hardness.

Tinctures and Extracts: These are very high concentrated form of herbal concoctions. These can be done either by infusion or decoction. Just to make the concentration high in order to use in small quantities, for people who are very diseased and weak and those who find it difficult to take herbs, especially bitter ones. (But modern herbalists have changed these tinctures and extracts into alcohol and “bitters” as it is so-called). An extract is about six to ten times concentrated than tinctures.

There are other methods such as poultices: which is by making an herb in a paste (mud) form to apply topically on the skin to work on diseases. There are herbal salves, liniment and balms; for external cases like wounds, sores, sprains, fractures and painful diseased joints, as massages. There are syrups too, that are mostly prepared with sweets like molasses and honey to treat cough, asthma and others.

However, for all these methods, it is only liniments which the olden people used alcohol, and modern practitioners use as well. And as we are all aware, liniments are mostly used on the external part of the body, especially in massages. But the way modern herbalists use alcohol in most herbal preparations makes one scared of their uses.

I fear those alcoholic herbal concoctions; and I do not see them as part of nature we are advocating for the people. Herbal preparations should be prepared fresh everyday, and drink as tea to heal diseases gradually, but not drinking of strong alcoholic beverages. May God bless us for our proper understanding.

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Nutritional Value of Garlic

Dr Atta K. Bonsu

Selenium, a trace mineral found in garlic, has made it a great anticoagulant, that prevents the body from lumps, masses, tumours, abscesses, fibroids, benign and malignant growths; skin rashes, boils and cancerous cells. That is, garlic is capable of melting the blood, and prevents blood from coagulating, if it is properly and simply prepared and used.

That alliin in garlic has made it a real deal. Some do not want to hear the name at all because of the offensive odour it gives. But such make mistakes. Is it alliin that makes this offensive odour? Alliin by itself will not smell, but the enzymes allinase found in it. When mashed, it will stimulate and liberate; transforms first into allicin, which is that active principle that gives the offensive garlic smell.

Nonetheless, look at what The Creator would do; a great medicinal force and power are embedded in this offensive part of garlic, when you reject or disperse it, you lose vital immune defences. But if you eat it, you gain back your health by improving the body’s immunity. Some want to eat and enjoy garlic, but they still want to remove the allicin that gives that offensive odour. By so doing, the potency is reduced, unless one can do so at the same time maintaining the vitalities – which is impossible.

You need to watch little, little things in life. They can destroy you at the same time, build and restore your life. There are some medicinal powers that the Creator did not put them in big food items such as corn, rice, plantain or yams, but He placed them in garlic, lemon, orange, grapes and others. When you neglect them you reject good and sound health.

Obviously, one can eat several bags of rice or gari without receiving any minute quantity of selenium, unless he eats garlic, because the Creator did not put it in those big food items.

Properties of Garlic

I love mentioning selenium first, whenever I am talking about properties that garlic possesses. Why? Selenium is a trace mineral that is not easily received from many food items, but it does wonders. It can prevent one from rashes, boils, lumps, tumours, fibroids and cancer cells: because of its anticoagulant properties?

It is said to be a trace mineral, for the fact that unlike minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, selenium cannot be got in big quantities.

Sulphur, in garlic makes your hair and skin shine and bright; but calcium and potassium found in it, make your bones, tendons, nerves and teeth strong, to prevent diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis; nervous disorders and tooth decay.

As I have earlier mentioned, certain amino acids derivative, alliin in garlic, by the help of allinase is converted into allicin that gives that offensive odour. Allicin has great antibiotic and antiseptic effects; which makes people who eat garlic to be less prone to venereal diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, staphylococcus aurens infections, chlamydia, candidiasis and leucorrhoea (whites), and even the most dreadful HIV/AIDS.



According to sources garlic has a high effect on the immune system, and could easily prevent the immune diseases. All these announcements are going on but some take it light – for they believe in sophisticated world and its fascinated technology. There are more vitamins that are found in garlic – vitamins A, B1, B2, C and other B-groups are found abundantly in garlic – it is life.

Diseases Treated With Garlic

That my small book “Power of Garlic” is doing wonders in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa and other places that it has reached. Various reports from readers and enthusiastic correspondents show that the Lord’s seal and stamp are on the messages that it carries, and they are doing wonders and marvellous work. This means, our God has the ultimate power to heal many from diseases, sorrow and suffering through simple, simple things.

If your eyes are paining, itching and dimming, you cannot see properly, it means you are not feeding properly. These are signs that your eyes are staving; you eat food but the eyes do not get their share; they are dying of hunger. You need not chase for drugs or see any eyes specialists, look for garlic, carrots, oranges, banana and soya beans, your dimmed eyes will see clearly – the pains and itches will cease. (Do not joke with carrots and garlic if you want to maintain your eyesight).

For arthritis, rheumatism and tooth decay, start eating garlic, and add honey to lemon juice mixed with water and drink as your wine, it will stop the diseases. If your hair  are falling and breaking, eat more garlic, they will be strengthened; and can stop and reverse balding. The same mineral has made it a useful element for the skin, by smoothening it. You eat some to strengthen the blood and put some garlic oil in cream for use as your lotion. Some just put some peeled cloves without mashing in their creams, and it works.

In hypotension (low blood pressure) and the opposite hypertension (high blood pressure), garlic is your greatest choice; consume it freely. Garlic produces a decrease in blood pressure, both maximum and minimum. It has vasodilating effects on the blood stream. That is to say, garlic, when eaten will expand or dilate the blood vessels to clear the arteries from high accumulation of cholesterol, and helps in easy flow of blood, without any difficulties.

Not only pressure of the blood, but all the cardiovascular diseases, such as arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), stroke, heart attacks and heart palpitations and serious heart beats.

Somebody took my book and read about diabetes. According to his own testimony, he used dandelion root tea with little pure honey and lemon juice, as his daily tea, after he had drunk one teaspoon of charcoal mixed with ½ glass of water, as the instruction goes. Then he oriented his mind in eating seriously of garlic, in foods, salads and every vegetable stew or soups he ate. Within a very short time, the diabetes was over – he no longer takes those palliative drugs.

All these testimonies sometimes I cannot conceal my love for writing them to you, not boasting or giving records of myself, but just for you to know what simple, simple things around us can do, and to the glory of the Maker. Many a time, we hear that “diabetes has no medicine” who told you? It is only the belief of orthodox practitioners. No old natural practitioner ever wrote or made such a statement. If God comes in, there is a cure, not for only diabetes but for many diseases denounced incurable.

There are many who no longer live on artificially prepared insulin tablets and injections; they have switched to natural, simple items, and they are seeing great changes. Oftentimes, such changes cannot be determined by lab results, but through physical strength and general body countenance. Many take these palliative drugs for only laboratory tests to prove them better when they are internally sick and suffering. So a wise patient will not only use machine test to determined progress in health, but precisely the internal strength and physical health.

In dogbite and snakebite or any venomous poisons and serious viral or fungal infection; skin diseases and rashes, are all treated with garlic. Especially, when eaten raw into the blood stream.

One of the great enemies of cancer is garlic. The selenium will not only prevent cancer but serious lumps that grow in ladies breast and tumours, fibroids, benign and malignant growths.

Fibroid has become a “queen” in Africa nowadays. The rate at which the growth is increasing in Africa makes one scared, and only God knows the cause of all these. Some ladies are eating, drinking and enjoying life but they are unknowingly nursing fibroids. Until they are married or a serious gynaecological problem arises, before ultrasound will expose that she is nursing a “fake baby” (fibroid).
Many African ladies consume lavishly of high fatty foods like red meats, fats, pork, fresh fishes and all devastated meats; yet they do not advance their minds to take cleansing items such as garlic, lemon, honey, fruits and cleansing herbs, so that when these growths begin to grow there is no power in the immune system to reverse them.

Garlic and HIV/AIDS

Reports reaching us indicate that, some HIV/AIDS patients were gathered and placed on strict vegetarian diet; including fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes and high quantity of raw garlic without meat. About some few weeks’ time, most of them were tested negative, and their countenances and the life in them had greatly improved.

Recently, some victims from Cameroon here who keenly followed all the four articles I presented on HIV/AIDS in THE POST Newspaper have shown tremendous responses to the advices.

Best Way Of Using Garlic

The selection of foods, their combination and preparation is one of the special gifts that every person should acquire. Many use garlic and the rest of vegetables, but they do not receive the nutrients and the blessings because of over washing and overcooking that often kill most of the life-nutrients in food.

Hard cereals or grains like corn, rice, wheat, millet, sorghum and beans and peas need thorough cooking on fire, to regain their grape sugar (lost through drying). Tubers like yam, cassava, potatoes, cocoyam and others are also to be cooked well on fire. But vegetables such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and all leafy vegetables can be eaten raw in salads or half cooked. Half and half cooked vegetables are recommended.

Garlic should not be chewed raw in the mouth, especially for beginners, it can cause some throat irritations, because of its pungent power. If you want to chew, you need to lubricate the throat with either honey or olive oil. Do not overeat it, over-eating of garlic can cause anemia and some complications, as common sense will easily tell. But it is increased as the individual continues eating. One can eat it raw after the throat has coped with it.

The best way is to add it to stew or soup, but do not overcook it. Even the vapour alone after removing from the fire can make it tender for eating. That is, adding it after the stew or soup is done is the best. Raw in salads along with other vegetables too is very nutritious and less irritative. With raw tomatoes and pasley help in reducing the offensive odour. After eating garlic, putting a slice of tomato in your mouth like toffee, reduces the offensive odour. Eat garlic it is life!

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Diet and Moral Power

Dr Atta K. Bonsu

You have lived a liberal contented life; you share aspirations with people and love your neighbour as yourself: you can live a self-denial life and gain much self control; you may live a life full of sobriety and circumspection, no jealousy, no envies, hatred, greed and any sign of anger; all your life demonstrates true unselfishness: you gain more moral power; no time for cheating, stealing and robbery; no room for uncleanliness, sensuality and mental depreciation: life full of courtesy and kindness, polite, noble, humble and gentle: which elevates the intellects and places the individual at a high accepted standard to be used by the Supreme Beings: but all these endowments are not only inherited—they are mostly achieved by the diet we eat.

You cannot be gentle, you can never be kind and demonstrate any love to your fellow men and God, unless you start learning how to select, combine and prepare good food. You are disorganized, because you do not programme and organize your food properly. You can only be good, perhaps you were imbued, or by a special gift of the grace; but if proper food plan was included, you would have developed and advanced the more.

Strife, vice, enmity, conflicts, wars, stealing, robbery and all sorts of crime are common everywhere in human society, and wrong diets and foods are greatly responsible. Many eat wonderful foods and devastated creatures as meat, so enviness, jealousy and selfishness has controlled the minds of many – to an extent that many develop hypertension out of jealousy and enviness, due to poor feeding.

Imporished foods, combined with artificial sweets and high starches, block and clog the bowels, constipate the tummy and benumb the brain cells and nerves, to cause serious irritations: Getting easily annoyed because of the blocked tummy with the clogged mind.

The youths cannot control their perverse appetite and passions, due to lavish consumption of meat. It is not easy for any individual who loves eating much meat to control the sexual passion, it is difficult. There are certain propensities in animals that tend to animalize the body, stimulate the impulses, and arouse the sexual passions.

Alcoholic drinks and artificial sugary drinks and too much eating of meat always stimulate the nerves, excite the impulses and arouse the sexual passion and appetite. It is not easy to arrest or calm the sexual lust and desire. When you force to stop or refrain the person from sexual intercourse, it is just like placing a bone in front of a dog, and yet deprived of eating it.

Diet and Immune Power

The description given of the fall of man, as recorded in Genesis Chapter Three, tells us that from the start the perversion of man’s appetite was the most powerful weapon satan used against him. And more than 6,000 years nothing has changed in the nature of welfare. To use foods, converted to poison, to dull our brain and kill us is the object.

It is our food, our drinks, our chemical drugs with our artificial environments, they are the things that are weakening our immune power – and these same things can build it if nature could be allowed to work. So I would not be negligent to tell you all these, so that you can reprogramme your plans well. There is no life in condoms, drugs and vaccines, but only in principles of living – which is an individual personal work.

Many Africans are waiting for whites to come to Africa to solve HIV/AIDS pandemic, but God will never listen to such prayers. Why? We have scientists and medicines on African soil; we can make use of them. The work has already started. Today, many who are serious on this teaching are rebuilding and reviving their immune power with garlic, lemon, honey, corn silk, dandelion, aloe vera, nettles, gotu cola, ginseng and others: They are already doing wonders.

Proper Diet
Remember Your Grandmother’s Diet

This is one line of education that may need your interest and contemplation, and perhaps your investigation; that is the proper way to select foods, combine and prepare them.

Interestingly, knowledge like this, is not only acquired formally in institutions, but it is only grasped by a strong will power and determination and understanding, that only God gives. Comparatively, if we look at the tables of “high learners today and consider that of our ancestors without formal education, then we could see the difference.

Our foregone fathers, without our books and science ate and lived with their minds, and lived longer without diseases, but we living today boast of degrees, ranks and science, even as we do not know the proper food to place on the table for ourselves and our children. We need mercy and grace:

Considerably, many do not even know that “we are what we eat and drink”. People like this do not bother much to consider the biological values of what they take into the system. Whatever they lay their hands on, it enters the mouth and digests and diffuses into the blood. Nevertheless, if your food for today is banana, your blood is exactly banana; if you eat chocolate do not expect garlic in your blood, you have never eaten it. If the whole year you have never eaten plantain but gari, you are building on gari but never make mistakes to expect nutrients of plantain in your blood. It is simply like that – and understand it.

I have already told you that “the fight against HIV/AIDS is an individual work; a work that cannot be done by proxy” – one cannot do for the other. And the basic fact is on how to revive a strong immune defence to fight against the viruses that are already created by artificialism.

You have science and you know science; you have invented chemicals; you have adulterated all your foods and drinks; you have become an expect of self-destruction, you linger your hands on anything that destroys; your great-grandmother had no access to your science and technology, but she ate with her mind, lived a comfortable life, and died a natural timely death, at the time that she could climb cottage mountains. But look at you! Go back to her for wisdom you may live!!

My grandmother refused to eat or drink in fridge. She refused several times to take sugar and untoasted meats. She refused to eat after 6pm. She did not eat at the same time drinking plenty of water or sweet drinks. She did not attend our University of Legon, but who taught her these natural sciences? There were things accurately vouched for all mankind!

I have ever enjoyed eating “fufu corn” and “gyamangyama” whenever I am in Cameroon; but the type, which was prepared for me by a peasant, country aged-woman, during my visit to Mbingo-Ndu, in the North West Province cannot easily be wiped from my mind. The old-lady with the olden experience prepared something very simple, excellent but delicious and palatable. Indeed, it was the day I remembered the old paths that Africans have lost (Read Jeremiah 6:16).

The old lady ground the corn without sifting it; prepared with the peel, the ear and the germ, to maintain the roughage, bulk or fibre of the food. She allowed the fufu to done well, until there was a change of odour, as all hard grains foods require, on fire. The “gyamangyama” (as Cameroonians call huckle-berry leaves) were thoroughly washed but not pressed hard to infuse out the nutrients in the green chlorophyll of the leaves (as many Cameroonians wash leaves to throw off the essentials). The oil, the spice and salt were very moderate. Until now I cannot guess weather she even added salt; if there was, it was very sparing.

Sensing that I do not eat meat, she chopped carrots into cubes and rolled agushi into balls and steamed with the whole vegetables. It was like liver or meat. In fact the whole meal looked natural, but appetizing, delicious and nutritious. I wish you had such an experience.

A few years back, not even quiet long, about three decades ago, Africans were eating, drinking and dressing naturally and modestly. Crime and corruptions were very low. Young African men and women were staying maturely without any immoral, sensual lives; but today it is not the same – our diet and artificial drinks are greatly responsible.

There is no way we can stop HIV/AIDS without tackling our perverse eating habits, let alone to talk about corruption, our tables will tell you how disorganized and corrupted we are on our office files.

The father of modern medicine said something full of wisdom and understanding, “May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”. (He lived between 606 and 460 BC: He was a naturalist: Hippocrates).

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Tropical Medicinal Herbs

By Dr Atta K. Bonsu

In the old African home, plants were gathered so naturally and applied on the sick and they were healed. Today, most people are adapted to the use of modern chemical drugs, which have resulted in many untimely deaths on the continent. In the 15th century when Europeans started coming to African continent, diseases were less and mortality rate was extremely low.

Most African, tropical shrubs and trees that we see around us are medicines for healing so many diseases, but this contemporary generation know less about the efficacy of these plants, which are almost left as common weeds.

Natural, traditional medicine must be practiced and used in the most NATURAL manner as possible if one would like to observe the effectiveness of these plants. In the olden days; our ancestors pluck herbs fresh and used them directly on cuts, wounds, swellings, pains, and as poultices, and drink (tea) which were very effective. But, today, medicinal herbs are boiled (decoction) and put in bottles and kept for so long that often lose their potency.

Like modern chemicalised drugs, some modern herbal preparations are in the form of pills, tablets and capsules similar to the products of the chemical industry, which have less curative effect on the sick. Today, if herbs are gathered and used directly on the sick without processing them as the old people did, many would be saved from disease crisis and untimely deaths.

If herbs are gathered and dried not much under the sun but airy drying, to maintain their potency, then they can be kept for some time and still be used as medicine. Herbal preparations in the form of infusion and decoction, which are drunk instantly have proven to be the best way of using and administering herbs. Of course, I use herbal drugs in the form of supplements, tablets, pills and capsules, I rarely use them, herbal teas have been efficacious to me.

Interestingly, a contemporary man who is not cognizant of all these facts, consume drugs, even herbs in the processed, refined forms and always live with disease. The fact is, most people are even lazy to prepare herbs and use in their natural state— they are comfortable on pills and tablets—unwrap them and swallow with less labour. The reason why we are dying while leaves, medicinal herbs are left on our compounds and environments as common weeds. Study the following plants, and see how you can apply them to alleviate disease and pains.

Carica Papaya (Pawpaw)

Carica Papaya (Pawpaw)

Carica Papaya (Pawpaw)

I wish Ashantis, Igbos, Zulus, Wollofs, Hausas, went back to captivate their minds on the way pawpaw plant was used by our ancestors as medicine. The whole plant, down from the root, stem, leaves, saps, juice, seeds and flowers are all medicines. Papain, in that white, juicy element found in pawpaw has made it the greatest antibiotic and antiseptic in the world.

The green leaf, which is bitter, tells you what a great febrifuge it could be. Remember, plants high in febrifuge property can easily cure any fever attacks and infectious diseases. The reason why I have chosen green pawpaw leaves to be my number one choice for treating malaria, typhoid fever, jaundice and hepatitis. Just grind or marsh or pound the leaf, mix with about 3 glasses of water, strain and drink a glass in the morning, afternoon and evening. This often saves the sick within a few days’ use, with fruits and wholesome meals.

The dry, brown looking pawpaw leaves should not be thrown away as weed, they are highly medicinal, the best tonic nature can provide. My prescription for fibroids, cysts and hard lumps and masses and hernia includes brown pawpaw leaves. Combining the green and brown leaves and taken as infusion with honey and lemon juice brings relieve to sickle cell patient within a very short time. (Details and general use of pawpaw leaves as medicines can be obtained from the following books written by Dr. Atta K Bonsu.

  • Eight Laws of Health
  • Power of Garlic
  • Healing With Simple Plants
  • Secrets About Health

You can also order for BROWN or GREEN carica papaya. Order using the contact form

Zea Maize (Corn Silk)

Zea Maize Corn Silk

Zea Maize Corn Silk

The old African ancestors ate the grains of the corn fresh and dried and boiled the hairs, mixed honey with the  infused tea, and did serve strangers and visitors. This natural tea, did not only act as refreshing, but for the cleansing of the internal organs of the body.

Today, Corn Silk tea, added a bit of lemon juice and honey can be taken for cleansing and combating liver, kidney, spleen and lung diseases. It is a simple drug that you can easily prescribe for hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. It removes kidney and gall bladder stones due to its litotriptic property and strengthens the prostate gland; and its diuretic nature helps those growing over their weight (obesity) and could cleanse the genital organ and eradicate venereal and infectious diseases. It helps ladies and gynecological problems, and regulates normal menstruation to prevent ovarian and uterine cysts and fibroid. See our books for detailed study. You can also place order for our clinically prepared corn silk (see products and contact form)

Momordica Charantia

Momordica Charantia

Momordica Charantia

“She” is the queen of African traditional medicine. She cripples and climbs and rests on other plants. Naturally and in reality the old intuitionists would say; as it rests on other plants, so it conquers diseases. I have never regretted prescribing this herb for patients dying of dreadful diseases.

In serious infections and abdominal complications like ulcer, gastritis, colitis, piles and hemorrhoids, it has not failed. Female disorders, serious cancerous cells disappear with the help of Momordica Charantia. The entire plant—the seeds, fruits, stem and leaves are all medicinal. You can order for it (see products and contact form).

Ocimum Gratissimum

Ocimum Gratissimum

Ocimum Gratissimum

Nigerians call it as Scent leaf (because of its aromatic nature), Cameroon traditional name is masepu, but in Ghana Nunum remains the all time commonest herb ever used by indigenes, especially Ashantis and all Akans.

In Nigeria, scent leaf is common in all markets; Nigerians use it as a common vegetable in stew and soups. I love the way Nigerians prepare leafy vegetables stew/soups. They do not over-cook leafy-vegetables—they are added when the stew soup is already done. I am not surprised of the high population of Nigeria. Of course, ocimum is among the herbs that promote fertility and child bearing.

In Cameroon, gastritis seems to be the most common disease affecting both the Anglophone and Francophone communities. While the cause could be free consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially “afofo” (a local gin), frequent taking of masepu and momordica leaves’ tea with perhaps honey, will heal many of the disease.

Almost every Ghanaian knows Nunum for its common use for “asa” (as Akans in Ghana call enema). Today modern practitioners condemn enema treatment, but people of this generation of junk foods need enema than any other generation. I am not surprised of the high rate of fibroids, menstrual disorders, fertility and gynecological complications among Ghanaian women, and neglect of “asa” has been the greatest cause of all this.

Grinding a few Nunum leaves with little ginger or few cloves of garlic, mixed with lukewarm water and taken as enema, as first thing in the morning, at least, for every week is life. And mashing fresh leaves in water and drinking the resultant green juice repairs the lining membrane of the digestive tract, stops peptic ulcer, gastritis, constipation and piles (hemorrhoids), colitis and helps in severe cancer cases. Its expectorant property helps cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other pulmonary diseases.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant of all species originates from the African soil. It is not foreign or an European plant as many believe. It has been used by our ancestors of old several hundreds of years before Christ was born. Typical examples are the Egyptians and Abyssinians (old Ethiopians), and even in the West Coast of Sierra Leone, Cote D’voire and Liberia, aloe vera has long been used as an indigenous medicine.

Subsequently, Aloe vera will save many from disease crisis and death if it is allowed to be used as natural manner as possible. Aloes are bitter but they do wonders. In fresh cuts and wounds and open sores, aloe vera gel is my first choice. I just collect some gel and apply topically on them and it stops bleeding and heals without leaving scars.

Applying gel on skin, eradicates serious skin eruptions and alleviates pains. With much trust, it has great curative effect on thematosis. Among some folks, taking orally aloe vera gel’ with warm water every morning upon rising from bed makes them guaranteed from contracting diseases. Aloe vera gel’s tea can be prescribed for many patients dying of fatal diseases.

Dandelion (Lactuca teraxacifolia)

Dandelion (Lactuca teraxacifolia)

Dandelion (Lactuca teraxacifolia)

Dandelion (as European and Americans call Lactuca teraxacifolia), has been growing all over the coast and beaches of Africa. In Abidjan of La Cote D’voire, Accra in Ghana, Lome in Togo, Lagos in Nigeria, Douala and Buea of Cameroon, Durban in South and St. Pauls of Re Union, all over the sea coast of Africa and even the internal of parts Bouake in Cote D’voire, Kumasi in Ghana, Onitsha in Eastern Nigeria, Bamenda and Baffoussam of Cameroon, and all places I have tread my feet in Africa grow good species of Dandelion.

One finds it difficult to get the African local names for Dandelion. But just as the Europeans see it as the teeth (dent) of lions, (hence dandelion), African intuitional scientists also see it something strong enough like Lion’s teeth to destroy diseases.

Nevertheless, it helps in so many ways of combating deadly diseases such as hypertension, stroke, cancer, and the best remedy that one can prescribe for Diabetes (especially the roots). Its calcium content helps the bones and nerves, and thus good for arthritic and rheumatic cases skin disorders. As a great diuretic, Naturopaths of old prescribed it for serious infectious diseases; the liver, kidneys and spleen afflictions and it worked.

Physically the leaves are like the lion’s teeth, but naturally it works slowly to alleviate pains and eradicate diseases. The world and its orthodox practitioners have declared many diseases as incurable because they do not believe long-term-cure. Diseases in many cases take a long period of time to generate, therefore may need the proportionate period to receive absolute cure.

Many are so ignorant of the mechanism by which herbs work. Many take modern drugs because they need instant healing, and have no patient to have a slow cure with herbs. In treatment of disease, it is not the drug which is used to treat and cure the disease that matters, but while doing the conservation of the body organism is so paramount.

Just gather some dandelion leaves, dry and break in granules and use as your tea daily with honey and perhaps some lemon or lime juice, it will prevent and slowly cure deadly diseases. (2 teaspoons of the granule is infused in a glass or teacup of boiling water).

The old people used Dandelion. It disappeared in the system for some time, it has come back again. The reason why some communities find it difficult to give traditional names.

Graciously, The Creator has brought herbs like this in their appointed time of great need. That is nature for you! God brings seasonal foods and herbs to conserve the life of His people.

In Africa, especially Ghana, dandelion grows all over. I use it as salad, at times too I press the juice and drink as first thing in the morning. A good friend of mine serves me dandelion tea whenever I pay him a visit, as my welcome mineral. While we have all this let us use them to the Glory of God.

Cautiously, scientists have brought chemicals to be used to clear bushes; very soon no one would use machetes to weed our farm lands, and the danger is, soon all medicinal plants, especially shrubs will disappear on our rich soil. Let us continue in this practice to destroy African’s fine land that the Creator gave for our coming children to suffer—posterity, subsequent generation will ask us terrible questions—if we allow nature to destroy.

Cassia occidentalis

Cassia Occidentalis

Cassia Occidentalis

Akans in Ghana call this plant “Mmofra brode” (Children’s plantain). The old African traditionalists used this plant in many ways to heal untold diseases. The Creator before creation forsaw all the ailments that we are battling with today, so He made provision for their antidotes. Of course, all the diseases we have today have their respective medicines in nature, but who will show us all this? It is the Creator Himself.

Africans, naturally created beings, have neglected nature and we are dying more than any group of people today on this globe. Africans adoption of western, artificial style of living has caused millions perishing with untimely deaths.

Significantly, plants do communicate with humans but modern men do not anticipate and die hopelessly while leaves are left as common weeds around our  own compound and environment. Yes, piles is said to be the most common disease amongst Akans in Ghana.

Unfortunately, while thousands of victims pass everyday around Cassia ocidentalis, the plant with its natural features appeal to natural man “come to me and eat my leaves I will restore your health” but these victimized with western drugs, often neglect this call of nature and die while their helpers are left as common weeds.

If any herbal practitioner has this plant at his centre he will heal many diseases, including piles (hemorrhoids), waist pains, kidney and prostrate disease, female gynecological ailments like painful menstruation, (dysmenorrhoea), absence of menses (amenorrhoea), premenstrual syndrome (P.M.S), and sterility cases.

I have always loved to take our Cassia coffee. That is coffee prepared from roasted seeds of cassia occidentalis. It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol, and this is very good for diabetic and hypertensive patients. It is very good for middle-aged men to maintain and prevent them from prostrate disease, and make men strong, even in sexual performance.

Order for Cassia coffee (non-caffeine) by filling our contact form. For detailed information and preparation.

Cassia alata

Cassia Alata

Cassia Alata

Akans in Ghana call it as “sempe” or “duawusu”. Any time I want to empty my bowel, this plant is my choice. I see it as a laxative or as mild purgative. In this case, when one is constipated, instead of hard purgatives, use this smooth substance to have your bowel released.

Just boil some fresh leaves, add some natural salt and one lime juice in a cup of the tea and drink as first thing in the morning. Add another cup if the first cup could not help you release the bowel.

We know Cassia alata for asthma and other pulmonary diseases such as coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, cold and headaches; when taking the tea with honey, lemon juice and perhaps, some garlic.

Moringa oleifera

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa Oleifera

President Kwame Nkrumah commanded the planting of Moringa in Northern Ghana and today it has spread to all over the country.

The medicinal properties of moringa make it a special plant designed and appointed by the Creator Himself to heal many diseases and save many souls from untimely death.

In Ghana, I have seen many people planting moringa. Many have started enjoying moringa powder in stew and soups or as tea. I have seen local moringa sellers spreading the stuff all over the places. Perhaps, it is the motivation and a command from God, the Creator.

At times, you feel bad, with undesirable and uncomfortable complications, which even your medical laboratory results could not show the specific ailment (as it happens to many). Maybe, your body organs are choked with toxins and waste, for this, you do not need any pain killer or modern drug, they will rather increase your woes, your best remedy is rest, good diet and moringa tea with perhaps honey and lemon juice, your body will respond so quickly without taking any drug on the shelf.

For detailed study, see this book “Healing with simple Plants” at the Health Books page.

Paulina pinnatum

Paulina Pinnatum

Paulina Pinnatum

This plant has a fascinating story to tell. My Akan community in Ghana call this’tua ntini” (“tua” – means – join and “ntini” – means nerves or bones). That is to say, the old people believed this plant could join broken nerves or bones together, hence the name “tuantini”

Remarkably, it has a strong force and power for mending nerves, tendons, and bones. It is an herb for footballers and those on body physical activities.

In my “DUDO” medicine named as 7 DOCTORS, ’tuantini’ was not left out. 7 DOCTORS is a combination of 7 different tree barks and roots, including ‘tuantini’, which is intended to be prepared traditionally in clay pots, just as our ancestors did for the whole house to drink to prevent diseases.

I have prescribed this herbal medicine for many patients and it has worked marvelously to heal them. Today, this same ‘Dudo’, like the one of old, prepared as decoction in clay pots can be used to combat and prevent malaria, typhoid fever, hepatitis, jaundice, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, fibroids and many more diseases.

To place order fill our contact form.

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Fibroid Tumour

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu

The name “afabo” (as the old Akan community called fibroid) was unpopular among the old African community. Though their population was less compared to our generation (which has been one of the popular excuses of our present dispensation), fibroids were unpopular and uncommon.

What Are Fibroids?

Fibroids are growths or tumours of the tissue, which are usually found inside the wall of the female genital system, especially in the womb or uterus. The one like fat like substances made of a mixture of muscle tissue from the uterus and threadlike fibres of connective tissue.

Unlike breast tumours that can generate the cancer, fibroid tumours are not cancerous. Though there are some reported cases of cancer involving long standing fibroids, it is very rare. Perhaps, out of a thousand cases, only one could be involved with cancer.

Fibroids usually shrink after menopause, which makes a woman with fibroids to be flexible and make proper assessment and medication if necessary. Under normal circumstance, new fibroids do not develop before puberty or after menopause. If this is the fact, then it might have something to do with the hormone estrogen.

Statistically, it is estimated that fibroids occurs in 2 or 3 of every 10 women. Especially, women between ages 35 and 50, though women even below 30 sometimes have fibroids. My personal observation is that young women in their 20s are seriously battling fibroids, which makes one to wonder the type of world that we live in-when young unmarried ladies are growing and nursing fibroids in their wombs.
Interestingly and sadly, most of these young women wake up, eat, dress up and move around nursing fibroids without knowing till symptoms appear. Some of the medical names given to the disease is leiomyoma, myoma, or fribromyoma.

Types of (Uterine) Fibroids

Fibroids grow in different parts of the uterus, and they are named according to which part of the uterus they are found. Chances of healing, childbearing and shrinking may also depend on the area of the womb that they are situated.

Fibroids that grow inside the wall of the uterus and found within the walls are called intramural fibroids, which by far is one of the most common types of fibroids.

There are some of these fibroids that grow outward from the wall of the uterus into the abdominal cavity. This type of fibroid is called Subserous or Suberosal fibroids. (See picture).

Those that grow inward from the uterine wall, taking up spaces outside the cavity of the uterus are called Submucous or Submucosal fibroids.

A fibroid that is attached to the uterus by a thick stalk is called pedunculated fibroid.

Symptoms of Fibroids

About one half of women living with fibroids do not know they have the growth. For many women fibroids cause no problem and they rarely show symptoms or any signs, until their doctors tell them so. The most common symptoms that usually show are:

Pains around the pelvic.

Scanty urination: as a result of much pressure on other organs-such as the bladder.

Constipation too seems to be common due to the reason that the bowel (colon) are pressed upon by large fibroids.

The most common symptom is heavy or excessive, long menstrual periods, with pains at times.

Causes of Fibroid

Scientists say that “causes of fibroids are not known”. Of course, fibroid tumours start as a simple muscle cell often in uterus and generates and grows big, even as the size of football. For scientists, the reasons are not known.

Significantly, comparing ages to ages, generations to generations, races to races and from a specific woman to the other, there could be a holistic understanding to the causes of fibroids. Why is it common in these days than the olden days? Why are they prevalent among the black race more than that of the whites or  caucasians?

Changes in lifestyles-the way people eat, drink, dress and do our things have great contribution to this. In the old African home, our women were allowed to give birth to children, so naturally, as many as they would. There were no restrictions to this. We would recall the time when women were given births to as many as tens, twelves, fourteens and even seventeens. Those who do not know science properly believe, women risk their health when they give children to many children.

Interestingly, it is just like the opposite, the more we restrict women from having less children, the weaker they become. The observations are clear, in the olden days that women lived naturally and gave birth to children so naturally there were no or a few cases of these fibroids and gynecological problems, compared to today that all sorts of practices are involved in childbearing.

There is no argument for this, if we really understand the science of reproductive hormones, especially that of estrogen. At puberty, the ovaries produce more hormones, especially estrogen. At higher levels it may favour the growth of fibroids. But in most cases we flatter ourselves, with annihilated thoughts that, exactly how this might happen is not understood”. And during menopause, when estrogen seems to be diminishing, fibroids shrink.

Here, heredity may also be another factor, but other woes of this generation is the artificial living that we have chosen. The greatest victims are Africans. Why? Comparing the rate of fibroids among the African Americans to that of the white Americans-the blacks are affected more-because western style of living do not favour them (the blacks).

During pregnancy the medicines that our women take, the food they eat, child delivery system, contraceptives and family planning systems do not favour black people, so we find breast and cervical cancer, cysts, and fibroid cases, even among our young women.

Thiere is vast difference between the land and the people of Europe and Africa. Geographical and climatic conditions can tell you more. The black African skin with much melanin is good for us living in this hot, tropical region. The white skin of Europeans are also suitable for their temperate region. There are some ways of living-medicines, foods and certain practices that may be good for white people which may not be good for black people.

Africans do not need tablets, pills, injections and vaccines but herbs and diet in their most natural forms as possible. Until we realize this and turn back to ours, there will be less sickness and death rate may drastically reduce. Comparatively, the black race look more different from the whites. Though all artificial lifestyles may not favour both races, yet the latter may subsist such practices more than the former.

For instance, A whiteman can live in air-conditioning(artificial air) in Africa by causing less or no harm, but a Blackman risks his health in this condition, because the practice favours the Europeans climatic condition more than us living in this tropical, hot areas.

Africans suffer today from all types of diseases more than even Europeans and Americans, not because we are poor, as we are being told, but because we have adapted the Western type of living, which do not favour us due to many reasons. History will not permit us to go back to the 14th century when Europeans were sailing down to the African continent.

If we would go back to recall the events of those days, where African death rate was extremely low and the best of the globe, and compared to today where we die more than any group of people on the earth, tears may not be enough to control and console this stigma.

Not quite long, less than 40 years back, there were no or less recorded cases of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and these fibroid, but today that we have totally adapted this artificial lifestyle of living-especially introduction of chemical medicines, we are dying more than rats-even HIV/AIDS. Until we go back to that natural eating and medication, then there will be peace on the continent.

Who is Likely to Get Fibroids

These days, any woman of reproductive age can get fibroids. In the olden days, only mature women around their menopause had the disease, and even the disease naturally shrank after menopause. But, today, fibroids grow among women of all ages, even unmarried women and under 30s. As I have earlier said, there are many women living with fibroids without knowing, they only know when their doctors tell, especially during marriage when they are looking for children.

Do Fibroids Affect Pregnancy?

There are different types of fibroid. The position, the size and the constitution of the victim’s blood would indicate weather she can bear children or not. The fact is, most women with fibroids have no trouble becoming pregnant, and their risk of a bad pregnancy or childbirth outcome is no higher. Especially, those who use natural treatment during pregnancy, while yet nursing the growths. In most cases, as the child grows the tumour also shrinks.

About 1 in every 5 women with fertility problems has fibroids, but these growths could be usually bystanders. That is to say, a woman’s inability to become pregnant has less to do with fibroids-they cause only about 2% to 3% of cases of infertility.

Fibroids that block one or both of the fallopian tubes may prevent spermatozoa from fertilizing the female sex cell (ova) when it is liberated into the fallopian tubes. Fibroids that grow and fill the entire uterine cavity may hinder the process of implantation of the newly fertilized egg.

Consequently, fibroids of this nature, especially those located in the cavity of the uterus may increase the chance of a miscarriage. And during childbirth, fibroids of this nature often increase the chance that the baby not positioned well to come out head first. In most cases, they increase pregnancy and delivery complications.

Fibroids and Placenta Abruption

A woman can take a whole of nine months to nurse a baby in the womb, but joy and happiness arrive when the woman safely give birth to the unborn child. After childbirth, the afterbirth (placenta) separates from the uterus. That is to say, after the baby is born, the placenta needs to come out from the genital system. After this, without pains and excessive bleeding, then we say the woman had a safe childbirth.

Placenta Abruption, is a situation when the placenta separates itself and comes out from the uterus too quickly, before the baby is born. This happens in rare cases, in every 200 pregnancies, it occurs but once. This in many cases cut of the baby’s supply of nutrient and blood; and can threaten the baby’s life, and if care is not taken, death follows. Rarely do fibroids cause this Placenta Abruption.

Fibroids and Postpartum Hemorrhages

This is one of the fears of most pregnant women during childbirth. After childbirth, the placenta normally separates from the uterus. The muscle in the uterus usually squeezes the uterus to help stop bleeding when the placenta is separating from the womb.

When this is done, the uterus becomes feasible and the presence of fibroids in the uterus makes the squeezing of the muscle less effective, and in most cases the woman giving birth bleeds more. This is some of the reasons which make fibroid and pregnancy a bit scary, yet most women like this go through without difficulties. This may also depend on the size, position and other factors of the growth. Some fibroids grow during pregnancy, some remain the same while others shrink and disappear before even the child is born. This may depend on many factors, more especially the treatment that is involved.

Herbal treatment for fibroids during pregnancy (Coming soon)

How Does the Doctor Detect that You Have Fibroids?

Africans have lost holistic and intuitional science the old people used to detect and diagnose diseases. Most of the diseases that we battle today, though there were in rare cases, they were able to detect them without the use of modern laboratory equipment. And there were traditional names related to diseases of this present generation.

Indigenous African women gave birth to their children at home. In every home, there were not less than 2 mature women who had traditional midwifery experience. And by then, there were only but a few cases of pregnancy and childbirth mortality.

Traditionally, they knew the types of herbs to promote pregnancy, they knew those that could assist the pregnancy in every related month, and knew those herbs that could be given to enhance a smooth delivery.

Amazingly, they were able to read and detect all the occupants in the pregnant woman’s womb without the use of these modern sophisticated ultrasound machines. This means, they were able to detect whether there were twin or triplets in a particular womb, they also detected weather there were existing fibroids. They used their intuition science without our universities and high medical institutions but they performed extremely better than we do today.

For a modern society, the doctor performs a routine pelvic exam. A uterus that is enlarged or irregular in shapes is a sign that a woman may have fibroids. A modern physician may not waste time to direct you to machines. In the modern system, before a disease or problem is detected and diagnosed, a greater part of the victim’s strength has already been exhausted. Of course, most of these diagnostic systems, especially those involved with X-rays have serious side effects, which often weaken the victims strength and facilitates the process of death and many end up dying before the problem is detected.

Various Modern Tests to Be Sure of Fibroids

Times have changed. Everybody is on the modern trend. Many Africans are charmed with the fascinated manner at which diseases are treated. Labs are common every where. Even herbalists practicing in public “Kiosk” have labs. And that is all that we believe. The sick are almost charmed when they pass through machines. They will not listen to you when you use that old intuition science to diagnose their ailments. They want to be sure, and most of the time these modern machines are so deceptive to tell different stories. The following are some of the diagnostic systems that modern practitioners use to find out that a woman has fibroids.


During this test, sound waves too high-pitched that you can hear, travel from a handheld instrument that is normally placed gently on the abdomen or in the vagina. During this process, the sound waves “bounce” off of internal organ and return to the instrument. This creates or leaves the instruments with a picture of the internal organs that can be seen on a screen.

This system of diagnosis does not take much time, it takes about 15-30 minutes to perform this, which does not use X-rays, and thus, has no risks, and safe for a pregnant woman. But this may also depend on the technology and the type and quality of machines used.

Magnetic Resonance Imagine (MRI):

Doctors often order for MRI, when the patient’s ovaries are difficult to be seen by an ultrasound test. Or, if the doctor wants to see detail of the structure of the fibroids, even after the ultrasound.

In this test, a powerful magnetic forces are used to create a picture of the internal organs. This also does not involve X-rays, and thus safe on pregnant women.

C.T Scan

Doctors rarely suggest C.T Scan for patients because it is expensive. But, they are compelled to do so when MRI is not also available. CT stands for Computerized Tomography. This type of tests uses X-ray, and may not be safe for a pregnant woman.


This is advanced test, which allows the doctor to look directly into the cavity of the uterus. In most cases, the doctor decides this test when a woman is having heavy bleeding, having pregnancy troubles (miscarriages or inability to become pregnant), or fibroids are suspected of causing the infertility.

Here also, a thin telescope called a hysteroscopy is gently inserted through the cervix and into the womb, to enable the doctor view the internal structure of the uterus to know what is exactly wrong.

H.S.G (Uterine X-Ray)

H.S.G. stands for hysterosalpingo-gram. Another medical term for this is Uterotubogram. This test is also used to detect the cause of excessive bleeding and the probable cause for infertility.

An instrument is gently inserted into the opening of the cervix. Dye (not harmful, in the form of iodine) is injected, filling the uterus. At this period, the doctor sees the uterine cavity and can take X-ray pictures of the uterus and the oviduct or (fallopian tubes). This will make it easy for him to detect whether the tubes are blocked or not. If they are blocked the dye (liquid) will not pass through them.

This test involves X-rays and may not be safe on a pregnant woman.

Endometrial Biopsy

Here, a small piece of the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is removed and examined under a microscope. This is mostly suggested to rule out infections or cancer. And mostly ordered for heavy, lengthy periods.

Dilatation And Curettage (D & C)

It is done of the same purpose as the best test. An imbalanced of hormones often cause heavy menstrual periods.

Modern Treatment For Fibroids

Under normal circumstance, if a woman is diagnosed with fibroids, which have no problems, they may need no treatment apart from regular medical check ups. In this case, she visits her doctor at a given appointments, and the doctor only examines her to find out if her system is responding well. This is called watchful waiting. The doctor examines a woman two or three times a year.

This is called “watchful waiting” in the sense that, if nothing strange happens, after menopause, the fibroids automatically shrink and freeing the woman from all this. This means, this may also depend on the condition and the status of the woman. In most cases, “watchful waiting’ normally favours mature women, who have already given birth to children, and are almost at their menopause.

Fibroids become more wearisome for immature young women who have not married, or even married but have no issues. When it happens to women as mentioned above, they move here and there to find a quick solution, and often in a haphazard manner, entangled in horrible treatments that eventually worsen matters.

I would therefore advise this group of women to be much patient and cautious of any treatment they are pressurized to choose. As I have earlier stated, if proper holistic approach to treating fibroids, the victimized woman may treat fibroids at the same time bearing good children. All this could be achieved if we consult God our Creator and proper and safest direction is directed and pursued.

It is not scaring to live with fibroids: it may not cause cancer as some lobbies promulgate to scare many to undergo some dangerous treatments which end up with serious, dangerous complications.

Can fibroids cause cancer? (Coming soon)

Surgery (Surgical Removal Of Fibroid)

Of course, surgical removal of fibroids is the standard treatment for fibroids that are causing pain, heavy or heavy menstrual bleeding or other problems. Modernists believe that only surgery could relieve women seriously troubled in these fibroids. But is this the safest and rational solution? In certain cases, perhaps surgery without delay would save the victim from any other serious complications. But if the old system of herbal poultices, enema and others are earlier administered, many would be saved from post surgery complications.

There are two kinds of surgery:

i. Hysterectomy: This is surgical removal of the entire uterus, and usually the cervix. When this happens, it means childbearing has become impossible. And I do not think, a young unmarried woman may accept this type of surgery, else she becomes childless throughout her life.

Here too, though many consider the female genital system as not part of the vital organs in the body, yet experience shows that women who undergo this surgery often bring lots of other health complications, which are undesirable and unbearable at times. Much wisdom is required for one to make choices of medical treatments.

ii. Myomectomy: Is the removal of fibroids without removing entirely the uterus. This operation preserves a woman’s ability to become pregnant and bear children. However, a successful pregnancy is not guaranteed: 4 or 5 out of ten become pregnant and give birth after this operation.

Risks Involved In Surgery

While, we cannot deny the fact that the easy and the fastest way of dealing with fibroids is removal by surgical operation, we cannot also be so negligent to tell you some of the risks involved.

Problems such as infections and blood clots in the legs or the pelvic region of the body. There is no argument for this: Anything that involves cutting and use of knives are mostly associated with these complications.

Why Can It Be Difficult to Become Pregnant After Surgery

The reasons for a woman to find it difficult to become pregnant after surgery (myomectomy) are many but let us consider the following.

When the uterus heals after surgery, scaring can occur (though not all situations are like this), and may cover the ovaries or block one or both of the fallopian tubes. This scaring can make it impossible for the tube to pick up the eggs (ova) after their release from the ovaries (ovulation).

As I have earlier underlisted some of the risks involved in myomectomy, it is likely, and in most cases, many a woman become infected during surgery. We know how infections can cause to the reproductive process, especially the hormones and the fertility sex cells.

Can Fibroids Cause Cancer?

Another big question under this study: can fibroids cause cancer? Oh! Yes! It can!

This has been the area that fibroid treatment lobbyists have ever used to scare victimized women, and ‘forced’ them to undergo horrible and dangerous treatments, even involuntarily surgical operations, and end up with serious unbearable complications.

Well, as I have straight-forwarded answered this question, of course, fibroids in some instances can end up with cancer. But, this occurrence is extremely rare that some use to scare women living with fibroids.

In most women, fibroids do not lead to cancer. Rarely, however, fibroids can turn into a cancer called a leiomyosarcoma. And this happens to an estimated 1 in 1,000 women who have fibroids. Some cancerous tumours may develop directly from normal tissue in the uterus.The average age of a woman with leiomyasarcoma is 55.

Obviously,that is to say that, out of about one thousand women that have fibroids only one can generate into cancer. Significantly, this fact has also cleared the mind and the notion that makes affected women scared of the disease, that is fibroid becoming cancerous when a woman lives with it for a long time. Here, with this statistical analysis, it means that,though fibroids can become cancerous, the rate is extremely low, and such occurrence is extremely rare and uncomon.

Graciously, if one out of every thousand women who have fibroid end up and die of cancer,then of course, women with fibroid must take patience and care and in a holistic manner carry out treatment of their best choice; probably what our Lord, the Creator approves. But you may not listen to comments from lobbyists who are there to frustrate you for you to pursue for treatments that often end up with so many complications.

The best way is to see your doctor, to examine you, then direct you to the safest way to dealing with the matter. Most sincere doctors often suggest watchful waiting for these women,especially when the situation has not so advanced, with the aim that a careful,holistic approach could be used. You may also try herbal, alternative, natural treatment, but pray that you do not fall into the hands of these quacks, who are all over to rob you of your money.

Warning Signs of Cancer

I have always said this that; the sick must be flexible to deal with every disease crisis. Causes of diseases can only be traced and ascertained by only the sufferer not even the doctor, and if a woman can carefully examine herself every sign would allow her to know what to do. Watch these signs, they are not good when nursing fibroids.

i. Rapid growth of the fibroids or the uterus

ii. Bleeding from the vagina, before or after menses.

Though not all cases prove cancer, if a woman has either of these problems, she would see a doctor right away, but, pray for a heart-felt doctor, who can put you on a right cause.

Natural Treatment Of Fibroids (How To Treat Fibroids Without Surgical Operation) – Coming soon!

See the following books.

  • Fibroids & Breast Cancer; every woman’s fear.
  • Power Of Garlic
  • Secret About Health
    Healing With Simple Plants.

(All authored by Dr. Atta K. Bonsu)

You may also order for these herbs (treatment for fibroids)

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Blue Vervain “Cures” Asthma

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu

(Written in Buea, Cameroon and published in the Post Newspaper).

If you continue reading this site, there are so many medicines and blessings that you may gather, and you will soon become a great “doctor” of your own, and many will come to your light. For me, freely I was given, freely I give to you. And this is God’s plan for you and me.

Though I spend much to acquire these, yet with unselfish love, I cannot conceal these truths, I must relinquish them to posterity – our future generation. I am confined to write these things, not for this generation alone, but more especially for the coming generation – our future children.

Every instrument involved in this ministry is also charged, for the sake of people living in Africa, our beloved continent, to present this and pass to those coming after us. If God does not plan and raise instruments like these, the condition of Africans in the next decades of years would be horrible that one cannot imagine.

One thing that behoves me to write untiringly with an unselfish mind is not only for you, but presumptuously those coming after we had gone. So, if you do not take me serious, perhaps they are not for you but for our awaiting children. Then, the mission is accomplished, and God is glorified: that is how I see it. Notwithstanding this, I hope you are making use of these truths.

Why am I emotionally beginning like this? But we cannot blame ourselves, for we have been too long in this “mental slavery”, so, it is not easy for us to discern even good from uncountable bads.

There are so many smooth, natural, expectorant medicines such as chickweed, plantain (plantago major), mint, basil, comfrey, vervain and others; but look at what Africans use for treating cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis—chemicals. So these palliative treatments are entering everywhere, not only in hypertension and diabetes, but everywhere. It is a pity!

Inasmuch as we continue living like this, without searching for a way out, what examples are we setting for posterity? We are deceived to use medicines that can sustain us for a short while and die, then what trend are we marking for the future, and upon what foundation are we building? Most African asthmatics hold “sprays” to calm attacks, whereas even Europeans and Americans are switching to food supplements and herbs.

The Word Ventilation

It is a typical curse to see so many people clouded themselves in places, like large congested cities, where industrial gases, car fumes and decayed matters, polluting the environment. If we could reflect our minds back to Eden and creation, one realises how air and ventilation are important in human health.

So, look at the Lord keeping His minister (Adam) in a garden. While modern man prefers caging himself in a tight, unventilated air-conditioning rooms. Adam and Eve lived a condusive life in a garden, where they breathed freely fresh oxygen air. The ventilation, nevertheless, will take the greatest portion of my space, because I know how great and the benefits of fresh air to humans, especially on the pulmonary diseases we are talking about. Tuberculosis is common nowadays because of poor ventilation. Typical examples are those who use air-conditioning unwisely and breathe over and over sameness of air.

Yes, of course, it is very easy to contract tuberculosis from your victimized friend when you are tightly closed in unventilated places. There is much difficulty for me to live with about four other people in my car without opening the windows for proper ventilation. In case one is a tuberculosis patient and he coughs, it is easier for the rest of us in the tightly closed unventilated car to contract the disease than living in an open car.

Air-conditioning was first invented and implemented in Britain, when industrial gases polluted the largest city, London. Many preferred staying in tightly closed rooms with air-con to allowing environmental air to enter their chambers. But, as nature is greater than what modern ideology could do, Asthma, Bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases became the most common diseases in London, no thanks to the invention of the artificial air. Now, they have realised this, and thank God, they see the solution is by planting trees to bring more oxygenated air to neutralize the environmental polluted air.

But, today, air-conditioning has become a great fashion in Europe, America, Asia and Africa is the worst. Many live in very tightly closed places breathing sameness of air over and over. But for us in Africa, there are so many places that air-conditioning is not necessary, and it looks as if some use certain things because others are using without checking the benefits.

For instance, let us consider somebody living in Buea in air-conditioning. I see many driving in Buea in air-conditioning cars. We do not apply science and we do not understand the word ventilation. What is the need for aircon for one in a well-ventilated area like Buea, with ocean currents that blows over a volcanic, green mountainous breezes. The place is naturally cold, with plenty of natural air from green vegetation, yet some abandon these blessings and use over and over sameness, artificial air.

I do not understand why you travel from say Buea to Duoala in an air-con car, at least you need to breathe and enjoy natural oxygen air from CDC plantation and the greenage of what God has vouched to Cameroonians. But you see about five gentlemen travelling a long distance in tightly closed small car sharing theirs gases. And it is easy to contract infectious disease from friends. I will not be surprised of the high rate of tuberculosis.

Ventilation mean, air goes air comes. If you sleep (even in cold season), open a small area for air to come in and used air to go out – this is ventilation. But you will see a family of about six sleeping in a single room with the windows and doors tightly closed, they breathe over and over the same carbon dioxide air they send out – and this exchange and sharing of impure air makes the children wake up weak, tired, coughing, feverish and I would not be surprised to see some developing asthma.

A person can live for several days or weeks without food and water but none of us can live about some seconds without air. This means that air contributes to good health than anything in life. And, for me, wherever I go, wherever I sleep or chose my office, the first thing I consider is air and ventilation – air comes air goes – never do I live in a stagnant air. Mind you, your idea of living European climate in Africa, you will drink medicines! God never made it so!!

Other Causes of Asthma

The cells, the tissues, the organs that are grouped into systems are all tubes, like gutters on our environmental streets. When these tubes are blocked, the result is disease.

Definitely, if you want to prevent Asthma, you make sure you keep the respiratory tract and the organs involved clean, open and free for circulation of air. Therefore from the nostrils to the mucus membrane of the larix, the trachea that divides into two air sacks, the lungs, one on each side of the body, with its numerous bronchial tubes and tiny badges; you make sure they are cleansed of mucus, phlegm, bacteria, germs and harmful disease organism. Dust particles, dry spray and air pollutants have been the major problems of asthmatic patients. They can cause asthma and later become great allergies and enemies to the victims. Oftentimes, too much starchy foods like gari, white rice, white bread and white sugar cause much accumulation of mucus and phlegm. This thick mucus blocks the air passage, causing coughs which when persisted develops into asthma, with common symptoms like hoarseness of breath, difficult in breathing, fever, cold and other unpleasant complications.

Meat, fat, too much eating of oil, butter and artificial sweet drinks and foods contribute to the formation of asthma. Another serious cause is the free use of coffee and tea. Caffeine in tea and coffee also stimulates asthma attacks.

Snuffing, smoking and high consumption of alcoholic beverages, contribute to asthma attacks. This will not only cause cough and asthma, but serious lung problems such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and emphysema that can easily lead to lung cancer. Sprays of all kinds, especially mosquito sprays and smokes from burnt mosquito chemical coils lead to serious lungs diseases, and are poisonous to the lungs. One may not take this seriouly, till he sees blood in the spitum.



Vervain And Other Therapies

Blue vervain is very common in Africa. Some houses are decorated with vervain as flowers; gather some, dry, powder or make it in granule-form and bigging using as your tea (only lemon and honey can be added)

But if ½ teaspoon each of clay and charcoal powder were mixed with ½ glass of water and drunk before the blue vervain tea, it would heal fast. That is, you mix the clay and charcoal with water and drink and wait for sometime then you take the tea – 3 times daily before meals, there is the tendency that the disease will be cured. But as for the duration of treatment, I do not know for sure the number of days, months or years that it will take, but at least, you may observe improvement till you stop taking when the body is fine. But you skip a bit when treatment prolongs.

If the following herbs are available, one can combine them about (2 to 5) and use to treat asthma: corn silk, comfrey (moderately), chick-weed, plantain (plantago major), golden seal (or tumeric), with some spices such as ginger, black pepper (piper guinseense), mint, basil and “masepu” (Ocimun gatissimum) – they are all good for asthma.

Another simple treatment for asthma is “lemon, garlic and honey syrup”. You can prepare it fresh or as syrup, kept in bottle and be used continuously. When it finishes you prepare till you see a great change. It is capable of curing tuberculosis too if it is done patiently with faith.

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Soya Coffee Treats Diabetes

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu

(Written in Buea, Cameroon and published in the Post Newspaper)

I tell you this: it is real; let me only speak but in the Lord, who created you and me At certain times, let a command be given for the whole world to be silent for the Lord to speak.

I saw the whole nation of Israel kept two minutes silence to mark the memorial service of millions of Jews who perished during the Nazi wars, in the World War 11. For this, they suffered. Last May 3, I wished such a chance could be given to the whole world to keep quiet for us to hear the Lord God speak into the impulses of our souls.

Diabetes is one of the easiest diseases to treat and cure if nature would be employed and allowed to perform its work. Diabetes is a degenerative disease in which regenerative, recuperative working forces and power can easily restore the victim’s ill-health back to normal. What diabetes fears is the idea to accept and practice natural living. (I mean diabetes mellitus, as I did not use any qualification).

When I talk like this, many who know naught what nature can do, think it is just a mere joke. So while some are taking keen interest and notes here, some too are just playing and joking with nature. You may be expecting some extraordinary, supernatural miraculous powers to relieve you from this crisis, and perhaps some special, super expensive medicines, from the most specialist doctors; but I must be frank with you, this article brings to you all that you need to survive.

You might be wandering and meandering around, yet you will come back to follow this plan before you have an absolute cure and total relief and peace. This is the pioneer medical work and principle, aside of this there is none again.

The high rate of diabetes on African continent is something that is very scary. Recent reports and statistics estimate more millions of diabetes cases to be recorded in the next ten years. Some live as diabetics but they have not noticed it. We need mercy! The so-called modernization and civilization will send many to diabetes doctors and drugs, unless we change our course to follow God’s plan for health. But shall God sit down for His children to live as “sugar creatures”?

Most Africans do not like “stories”, they only need medicines and drugs, but today, many are crying for “stories” because drugs have failed. If you are still among those who are searching for only drugs, then you are late.

For many are now on diet, exercise, rest and others to gain health. Many patients when they consult, they only need medicines, but they will not pray to God to reveal their wrong habits that bring diseases. Oh! People of drugs! For me you will get my “drug”, but until you have my “stories” – that is how I write, teach and practice, and they are prerequisite basis of health.

Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes

There are two main causes of diabetes: “damage to the pancreas” or a “nutritional problem”. Islet of langerhans found in the pancreas produce natural insulin. Any damages to these delicate organs could lead to diabetes, due to the fact that the body cannot naturally produce the required insulin to utilize blood sugar (glucose) in the cells of the body. When it happens like this, diabetes occur, and if you are not merited to secure a proper, sustainable treatment, you will drink modern diabetes palliative drugs.

Yet, God so good, there are a great number of herbs that can easily repair these impaired pancreas and the inner organs, to avoid diabetes. Examples of these herbs are dandelion, bitter aloes, common corn silk and brown, dried leaves of pawpaw.

The other and the most common cause of diabetes, is poor unbalanced diets. Too much eating of starchy foods such as: white rice with little stew; white bread with tea, sugar, butter and milk; polished and refined foods, especially sifting corn flour before cooking; peeled yams and overeating of cassava foods, are the most common causes of diabetes.

White sugar and its products such as chocolate, sweet cakes, sweet mineral, drinks and all artificial sweet foods cause diabetes, when frequently used. In every community where people welcome friends with artificial sweet drinks and eat with such sugary drinks; have numerous cases of diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism and protruded tummies. The worse examples are cola drinks, due to their caffeine content.

Too much eating of meat, fats, eggs, milk, butter, cheese and all flesh products, that raise blood cholesterol level, can also lead to diabetes. Recent research indicates that cholesterol has also become another great cause of diabetes, for the fact that it inhibits the utilization of blood sugars in cells, thereby leaving them saturated in the blood stream – hence the development of diabetes.

The most common symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination. Other symptoms are loss of weight, loss of appetite, paleness and loss of body completion at times. General weakness, dizziness, night sweats, body itches, irritability (easily getting annoyed), restlessness, dry tongue with constant thirst and frequent drinking and much morose, are other symptoms. However, not all diabetics have all these aforementioned symptoms. When it stays for long, it produces some complications such as sexual weakness (common in men), sterility, unhealed wounds and others. Especially when one uses modern, orthodox drugs to control the disease.

Proper Diet Plan for Diabetes

Proper diet plan alone can solve the problem. Diet consisting of abundance of fresh ripped fruits, vegetables, cereals or grains, legumes and seeds; prepared in a simple manner as possible can easily stop the disease. The diet should be simple but appetizing, with less oil and salt, but delicious, palatable and nutritious. You can prepare food like this, if you call God to assist you.

Some advise that, fruits are not good for diabetes. This is false! Fruits remain the best food items on the earth. However, there is the need for the victim to adjust fruits diet properly, in order to enjoy them. If a diabetic eats a fruit diet of banana, pears, mangoes, apples, guavas, pineapples, and even oranges for about two weeks, everybody will see changes in the patient body and countenance. Give a try and see.

Since most fruits are watery and diuretics, as a diabetics whose disturbing symptom is frequent urination, fruit diet will not be easy to adapt, yet if you can wisely use them, your body will cope with, and eventually be blessed with them. But the idea that fruits contain sugar and they are not good for diabetes is a false science that has no basis.

Fruit sugar (fructose) is good for everybody. By far, fruits diet is the most nutritious among all foods that God created. So it is typically a curse to see one totally deprived of fruits. The same way honey should not be abandoned if wisely used, it is more beneficial. Beekeepers in Asia used honey to treat Diabetes in olden years, unless the honey is not natural. Do not use adulterated honey, but shun white sugar and all its products completely. It is possible!

Green plantain, when cooked with the back (peel) without salt, and eaten with plenty of vegetable stew is the best food for diabetics. Some naturopaths use the water left after cooking as the best thing that diabetic can drink between meals. The old Africans cook plantain, yams, potatoes, and all various tubers with the back (peel). They only peel off, when ready to eat. By so doing some nutrients, that are packed in the peel enter the endosperm (the starchy part) to enrich them. Not only diabetic patients should take this lesson, it is good for all of us. Polishing of foods has been the greatest cause of diabetes in our dispensation.

Unpeeled plantain and yam

Unpeeled plantain and yam

Many die from insulin coma, hyperinsulinism, hypoglycaemic shock  suddenly as the result of poor diet advices and counselling. It is too true that high starchy foods cause the disease, yet a diabetic as any other normal person needs carbohydrate (starch) more in the daily requirements, to get enough (about 75%) of the body’s constituents of nutrients. So, diabetes does not mean that you should not eat wholesome starchy foods.

Roasted Cocoyam

You can eat rice, corn, millet and other grains but make sure they are not polished or refined grains. If bread is used, brown (whole wheat) bread is the best. Eat brown or local rice but with plenty of vegetables or legumes. Do not sift corn or remove its valuables before preparing your corn fufu (as many Africans do); no, prepare it wholly and eat with plenty of vegetables.Yam, potatoes, cocoyam and all eatable tubers can be eaten, but if you would prepare them naturally as I have directed earlier and eaten with much vegetable,s they will be blessings. Do not peel yam or potatoes before cooking; wash thoroughly and boil. Peel carefully only the hard rind at back and eat the rest of the food. The last layer after the hard rind contains all the nutrients – but if you peel off all these valuables are lost, and you eat only starch.

Many when they hear that over-cooking is not good, they do not analyse very well to know foods that do not need much cooking and those that need thorough cooking. Do not go and cook rice for about five minutes and begin eating because I have advised against over cooking of vegetables. I mentioned vegetables, but not grains or tubers.

Grains like rice, millet, corn, wheat and beans lose their grape sugar when they are dried, so long cooking brings their grape sugar back. Tubers like cassava, yams, cocoyam and potatoes should be well-cooked.

Peanuts or groundnuts should be completely avoided by diabetics. Even at all nuts are to be used, Brazil, cashew, almond, hazel and walnuts are preferable – but in good proportion. Tiger nuts, eaten so frequently could be harmful.



Some foods to watch are cucumber, watermelon (especially eaten with seeds: thorough chewing). Chayote too is a wonderful protein food for diabetes, but beetroots will energize the weak blood cells.

Soya Bean Coffee

If a diabetic patient uses soya bean coffee for about two weeks without observing progress in health, it means it was not done with faith. Many, who read my books on natural health have benefited after knowing these truths.

Soya coffee reduces excess sugar in the blood, purifies and tones it and eradicates many diseases. It has some aphrodisiac properties that definitely give strength to male diabetics who are sexually weak. It is not only diabetes, but soya coffee can be used for treating many other ailments with other herbs.

Just as you toast groundnuts or corn on fire, so you must get enough soya beans, sort out stones and gravels neatly, and toast till it becomes very brown (but do not burn it).crack to compare the inside colour with ordinary coffee. Let it be brown, but not burnt. Grind or mill it by the help of a blender or milling machine. A peasant local person can easily pound in a mortar with a pestle. (Not too fine but a bit coarsely like ordinary coffee).

Soya beans

Soya beans

Use one teaspoonful of the coffee in a glass of boiling water, just as you prepare ordinary coffee. You can add little pure honey, say one teaspoon, for sweetening (or drink without honey). Soya coffee contains no caffeine and can be used as substitute for ordinary tea or coffee to avoid the stimulant, caffeine. Make use of nature and simple things, they are your only hope!

Soya Coffee

Soya Coffee

See our clinical Soya Coffee (you can order for it). Go to Products for details about this product.

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“Euphorbia Hirta” Treats Cancer

By Dr Atta K.Bonsu

(Written in Buea, Cameroon and published in the POST newspaper)

Your ears will be hearing many things, but sometimes there are some hearings that puzzle the impulses, calm the blood and benumb every activity of the cells.

After consulting with her at my centre in Buea, Cameroon, we engaged in some light social discussions, yet this middle-aged-woman drew our minds back to another grievous moment of poignancy. She asked sharply, “Doctor, why is it that cancer is killing many Cameroonians like that? Of late it was not so”.

I was quiet, what should I say? Not only in Cameroon, the rate at which cancer is developing in Africa, one cannot easily understand. Cancer has killed many prominent Cameroonians and Africans. I personally have lost many dear ones due to the disease. But you know what? Cancer started coming to Africa only yesterday. Of late, it was extremely difficult to diagnose a single case of cancer in Africa.

I have read many foreign books on cancer, but most of these European and American writers by then, were directing the citizens’ mind to the old African simple dishes. The most popular topic was “Poor Man’s Diet Heals the West of Cancer”.

In our dispensation, today, no European or American writer will teach people to learn from Africans; Africans have left their safe and fine simple diets and have quickly adapted western style of eating. Resent statistics and reports show that, Africans are seriously challenging Americans and Europeans on cancer list.

The devil with these fascinated, attractive items charm many who do not have power to discern his plans and delusions. Look at us Cameroonians, leaving all our natural foods and natural medicines to follow the fascinated world. Cameroonians live in a natural, healthy environment than most places in Africa. Why should one living in Buea, a natural place like this, get sick and die of cancer?

Many Africans have left natural good foods and eating in shops – that has resulted in many developing cancerous cells. Eating in cans is the number one cause of cancer in Europe and America. So, one would not be surprised to see you developing cancer cells in your strong ambition to live as a white man in Africa.

Artificially eating of animal milk, sugar, butter, cheese, chocolate, tea, coffee, cola drinks, fishes in cans and tins, even canned beans; soft sugary drinks in cans and all sorts of devastated foods cause this.

For all good quality of food Cameroon possesses, I do not understand why you have chosen these meagre foods. And would not understand why you eat beans preserved in cans, whereas there are good quality beans in our markets.

Think about their preservatives. Think about the rusting of tins and cans, which has been the greatest cause of cancer. Yes, a metal cannot mingle itself with the organic fresh of the human body – definitely cancer will occur! Those who are wise and clever always read labels of items sold in shops, and will ask and reason why these statements. (“No preservative added”, “no alcohol”, “no sugar added”, “no caffeine”, “no artificial flavour added”, “no baking powder or soda added”, and so forth); all these have a great lesson for the one going to the shop to reason.

It also means that some people are critical with their health, so the manufactures need to convince them with such endorsements on the labels. These could also mean that preservatives, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, artificial flavouring, baking powder and rest in food items can be seriously detrimental to health. Many carry huge sum of money to shops to buy sickness.

Analytically, people who are exposed to modern civilisation are the very ones dying; and the so-called learned and the rich are greatly affected. Yes, a poor, peasant local mother, with her little money will go to Cameroonian local market, buy some plantain and vegetables, prepare immediately her food and eat simply and naturally, and grow healthier than those who spend much money in shops. So American writers saw this, and started writing; “A poor man’s diet heals the West”.

But today, Africans have left their cultural simple foods and imitate the West. This has always been the spirit of Africans. We do not like our simple things. We are not proud of our own things. We always see our simple things as inferior whereas God who knows better is a Father of Simplicity. Recently I visited one of our nations, the Medical Ministry was doing their best to suppress and condemn natural practitioners and promote Western drugs. That is the spirit of Africans, they do not want theirs, the Lord shall laugh, perhaps they are calling for total doom on their land – I am seriously praying for them. We need to encourage our own.

One thing the devil, Satan has done to ruin humanity with impunity, is his ability to blind our eyes from seeing the beauty of God’s plan for mankind. So look at the condition of Africans. We do not like our foods, our natural medicines and even our continent. Our black skin and the black thick afro hairs are abhorred by many Africans. None praises the beauty of black skin again. So look at our position now.

Scientific Causes of Cancer

It is said that the human body is made up of little things: this is true. For the cells to perform their particular functions, they may need twisted strands of a substance found in the centre of the nucleus known as Chromosomes. The chromsomes consist of several millions of long strands, which are more properly called Genes. The gene is the smallest unit of information and in itself another twisted strand of chemical known as Deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA.

It is true; life is made up of little things. The DNA will divide to give genes, then the genes in the turn divide to form chromosomes, which are all contained in the Nucleus of a cell. Cells divide to form Tissues, then tissues to Organs, which group themselves into Systems, which join together to form the Human Body.

Our God needs to be feared, considering the way He formed and fashioned man: He combined little, little things in the form of cells to build a giant man. Now what is cancer?

Cancer simply occurs when the body cells fail to divide; especially from the starting point – the DNA. Cancer cells begin developing when the body’s natural cells fail to divide and develop. Now a strange thing has happened, cancerous cells have overpowered the body’s organic, natural cells. And the artificial living I have earlier addressed causes all these. Cancer occurs when the body’s natural cells fail to divide and function.

Warning Signals

The most common manifestation of cancer could be when the individual notices some strange lumps in the body, especially in breast cancer cases in women. So you need to see your doctor to examine you to know the type of lump. And this is among the ten warming signals of cancer.

The rest are:

unhealed wounds or ulcer on the skin, especially on lips and mouth; changes in bowel and bladder evacuations; unusual discharges and bleeding from the excretory system (the bowels, the lungs or the kidneys and the bladder). Other signs are: changes in the usual features of any existing wart or mole on the skin; persistent indigestion and difficulty in swallowing; hoarseness of the voice and persistent cough; loss of weight; finding it difficult to urinate and persistent feverish complications (in many cases indicating cancer somewhere). However, not all cases would be cancer, so you need to check.

Notice also that, there are many types of cancer. But every cancer is cancer and the causes are almost the same. It may only depend on the specific organ affected. Notwithstanding these, there are other features that lead to cancer of various types. For example, sexual infectious diseases, overdrinking of alcoholic beverages could lead to prostrate cancer; abortion and childbirth and delivery difficulties often result in cervical cancer. Female hormonal imbalances and other gynaecological problems develop to breast cancer.

Apart from these, there are still many others, cancer of the lungs (common among smokers), and another common in this times is cancer of the skin, due to the depletion of the ozone layer.

One bad habit in our dispensation is to see a young-man, who is not naturally bald-headed, moving in the hot sun with a bare head (without hairs). These youths do not apply science when they are going to the barbing saloon, but scientists say that, the ozone (the layer of oxygen) has depleted, so be careful of moving on the sun with bare head. The Bible forbids a man from growing very long hairs, but it does not mean we should not leave at least something small on the scalp of the head to protect us from these direct rays in this tropical, continental area.

Look at the physical characteristics of this plant, it grows on the ground, and spreads, not even easy to gather them in big quantities; just as cancer spreads in the body, and form metastasis, which makes it difficult to arrest and cure. The flowers and the clusters just look like the human brain with its tiny, tiny cells.

With properties such as alterative, expectorant, carminative, tonic and vulnerary; have made it a real anticancer medicine. Gather the tops and slice or chop everything and dry and make a fine granule (not much in sun). Bottle it neatly: infuse 2 teaspoonfuls of the granule in a glass of boiling water; cover for some few minutes; strain and begin sipping slowly. (Lemon juice and honey can be added).
Take this tea graciously for about three to four glasses daily before meals. You will observe that cancerous cells are disappearing, and new cells are gradually forming. Do not do this for only a few days. Take for a long time, it will eventually yield good results. Herbs naturally do not work fast and vigorously to destroy the body as modern drugs often do, they work gradually in order to conserve the body organism.

Take time to take your medicines, gradually and prayerfully you will be cured. Euphorbia hirta has no side effects, you can use it as your daily beverage; even some Africans children, chew it with palm kennel nuts and play with it daily.

Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia hirta

Americans call this locally as “asthma herb” and nevertheless, traditionalists use it for treating asthma because of its expectorant property. It is also good for coughs, calms stomach bites and abdominal pains when chewed. Use herbs: they are life.


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