We need more trained Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and Holistic Practitioners like Dr. Atta Kwaku Bonsu in Africa.

I met him in Cameroon when I first visited Africa in June 1997. In his Buea Health Centre, which is surrounded by a great topography- the great Fako (Cameroon) mountain with greenage valley makes Buea a place to visit. But my first remarks was that, why should Africans die when they have all these great plants!

Of course, I have ever found it difficult to understand these things-a great land like Africa, With rich soil and good climate and vegetation still import chemical drugs and foreign herbs - l extremely find it difficult to understand this.

I discovered most popular herbs (shrubs) like comfrey, nettle, yarrow, golden seal, lady’s mantle, gotu cola, mint and many others widely growing in Cameroon and Africa lands. But the giant trees such as Astonia, Pcynanthus, Mahogany, Oak made a great difference, but the rich Neem Tree (which is scarce in Europe) are all over in Africa, especially in Accra where l later visited. But did you know that millions of people can be cured of deadly diseases like cancer, hypertension, hepatitis, diabetes and others by the neem tree!

Maybe, these Africa traditional medicines that have been ‘enslaved’ by European chemical drugs have gradually been waiting for- and many would be saved from disease crisis if they carefully study this book and live by the instruction and principles.


About eighty percent of the deaths today could have been prevented if the victims had known principles of health. Many, in their sickness do not need drugs, but they consume drugs instead of rational remedies that the Creator has freely given. At times you need only water, rest or exercise (but not drugs) to become well. I have also written all these that you may know that the Lord has not left us without the use of simple, natural remedies like garlic, charcoal, ginger, clay and common domestic and environmental herbs to relieve us from deadly diseases.



The more we advance in technologies, the more we die. Now that we have computers and more sophisticated machines and discoveries in modern Health Ministry, the more we are dying. Which means we need something more than this - the solution is to go back to our God and Nature - to use simple natural medicines.

Worldly science with numerous scientists have totally failed us. If God does not intervene by sending His gracious truths, I tell you, corpses would be lingering (littering) in all human habitation, especially in Africa.

Where scientific medicines have failed, simple natural remedies such as charcoal, lemon, garlic, honey and simple herbs take place, which do not harm the body as modern ‘hard’ chemicalized drugs often do with their hidden side effects.